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The One Freedom

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Two weeks ago, I was on a virtual retreat with spiritual/meditation teacher Jeff Carreira. One of the topics that Jeff spoke into was what true freedom is-

in meditation and in life.

Jeff spoke about the one essential freedom from which all other "freedoms" arise.

"The freedom that emerges from being okay with the way things are...

no matter how they are."

In meditation, this translates into the practice of "no problem." Recognizing that nothing that arises during meditation is a problem. Nothing can interfere with the space that is meditation. Not a busy mind, not an uncomfortable body, not outer distractions... if we take the position of no problem.

What we call meditation is actually the stillness that exists in us, around us, everywhere. The essential stillness that is at the core of everything. Once we realize that nothing is a problem, the stillness that is meditation reveals itself more that which is always present.

As we move into engaged life, if we can live in "okay with the way things are... no matter how they are", we will be able to take a deeper seat in life, a seat whose base rests in greater stillness and peace. We then become openness and availability.

Being okay with what is doesn't mean we agree with what is. Or that we like what is. Or approve of what is. Being okay means that we accept what is- accept that it is. Without resistance. Without pushing away from or trying to change. We acknowledge/accept... completely... things... the way they are.

Being okay allows us to relax and become more present and available to life with greater clarity. Become open to receiving insight from the deeper wisdom that can arise from within. We will be able to create new avenues of communication, new pathways for change when needed, and move forward with wiser action.We will be more aligned with life as it is

and become more effective in how we engage in life in every moment.

Fully embracing this one freedom and living it- on the cushion and off- will open the door to the many other freedoms that we sense are possible. It is the first step in attaining the kind of freedom our hearts and souls long for.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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