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Healing & Communication 

"As our hearts open to deeper understanding, our circle of compassion naturally enlarges and spontaneously begins to include more and more “others”—not just our own tribe, sect, nation, or race, but all human beings, and not just humans, but other mammals, and birds, fish, forests, and the whole beautifully interwoven tapestry of living, pulsing creation. All beings. All of Us."


- Dr. Will Tuttle, “The World Peace Diet”

Human beings, animal beings, all life- at the very core, in Essence- everyone and everything is spiritual in nature. We are the living expression of What is Greater manifest as billions of unique energy forms here on our planet.

Our nature- animal and human- is energetic. We are comprised of subtle energy, many different qualities and dimensions of subtle energy. Some subtle energy expresses as mind, some as emotion, some as physical form- some as deeper energies, senses and capacities. We are Consciousness expressing Itself in subtle energy forms. 

In telepathic communication, we enter into the realm of subtle energy flow that allows us to share deeper information. This is our innate language, the one we were all born with: the original language of all living beings, of all life. 

It is natural for human beings and animal beings to express through and share in this deeper kind of communication- and we are communicating in this way all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. When we become aware of and attuned to these subtle energy exchanges that are always happening, we begin to perceive each other differently, to be in relationship in new ways, and new possibilities in healing can open. 

Spiritual healing invites us into the most essential relationship in ourselves and with Spirit/God/Consciousness that we all are.  Spiritual healing accesses the individual's original, unfettered flow of energy and assists the animal/human being in opening into the possibility of living as the most balanced and joyful expression of him/herself. 

Through spiritual healing and telepathic communication, avenues of deeper understanding and awakening can open. Greater health and well being can emerge, relationships can deepen, new ways of being in life can evolve. Conditions, situations, life circumstances can radically shift. Shift beyond what we think is possible....for ourselves and for our animal family members. 

It is in this sacred space of spiritual healing that something profound can occur. It is where what we call "miracles"- transformation beyond what we think is possible- can manifest. 

Spiritual healing is a compassionate and supportive choice for a person or animal diagnosed with an "untreatable" or "incurable" condition. Unexplainable, positive effects can occur in situations that are considered  "beyond hope" from the traditional point of view. 

And, if it is time to release from the body, spiritual healing can assist an animal or person in coming into acceptance and meeting the process of release with grace, so that letting go from this life can be gentle and peaceful.

To read what clients say about healing and communication with their animal family members, click here to go to sharings.

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