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Final Sharings

"Joanna Seere is an insightful teacher who has taught others how to communicate with their animals. In bridging the imaginary gap between people and family member animals, Joanna helps us respect and care for one another.

In clinical practice, I have found the pet owners who worked with Joanna to be knowledgeable about their pet's condition, open to new ideas and eager to help their pet recover from illness and disease. It has been my privilege to work with Joanna's clients and their pets who demonstrate so well that personal communication is fundamental to healing."

- William Konrad Kruesi, D.V.M

"Joanna has been instrumental in helping me to understand and work with my horse, George. He suffered a back injury and, although his pain subsided, he displayed behavioral problems associated with painful memories. This led to dangerous behavior (on his part) and a lack of confidence (on both of our parts).

I came to Joanna when my alternatives for George were limited and unpleasant. She gave us the strength and encouragement that George and I needed to persevere. Joanna has not only offered us the invaluable (and astounding) benefit of communication and healing but also practical advice and real horse sense — an overall approach to setting George and me on the right track again."

- Karen Ebert, London, England

"My earliest contacts with Joanna were related to the passing of two beloved rescued cats. I found Joanna’s support invaluable on each occasion.


We then adopted two cats from the ASPCA - Cassie, a lively two-year old tuxedo female, and Honey, a three-year old striped female tabby. I contacted Joanna when Honey came down with a severe case of vaccinosis after her annual checkup and vaccinations. We feared Honey would not survive. She was listless and stayed in her bed all day. She had almost no appetite, twitched, and was confused. She seemed to be disappearing. 


When she went to the litter box, her gait was stiff-legged, almost like she had wooden legs. Within 36 hours of a session with Joanna, Honey was “back” with energy and interest in her environment. Honey’s confusion vanished and she was ravenous! Much of the twitching she had exhibited quickly receded and it was not long before she regained her muscular strength. The only residue of her experience was stiffness in her right leg which resolved itself over the following months as Honey participated in Joanna’s Circles. 


Given the benefits Honey had received, I signed Cassie up for the Circles. Cassie’s energy level had been a daily challenge. During the past 18 months, Cassie has been discovering the benefits of becoming domesticated. She has gone from being a wild creature to a lap cat without losing her wonderful boldness and curiosity.


Honey and Cassie continue to gain through their regular inclusion in Joanna’s Circles.


Honey, who always had a timid nature and was scared of loud noises, weathered Hurricane Sandy’s fury by relaxing on the bed and watching the event – a far cry from the terrified feline who fled to the depths of a closet any time drops of rain spattered on the window pane. Honey was also able to tune out the Times Square fireworks at the New Year – a first! Cassie captivates the neighbors when we go for an evening walk in the hallway outside the apartment and allows them to stroke her belly. She remembers to keep her claws sheathed when she plays with us and rarely gives a nip to get our attention. Her aloofness has given way to enjoying being close to her human companions.


I am grateful that Honey and Cassie have access to a social network of other animals in the Circles and I thank Joanna for her dedication to enriching their lives."


- Dawn Burness, New York, NY

"Joanna’s ability to translate the individual voices of my three animals — my dog Ming and cats Puffkin and Spunky — is uncanny. She not only gets the information I need to help them, but she also captures each animal’s unique way of communicating.

Joanna's healing abilities have especially helped Puffkin to recover from life threatening physical problems. It’s miraculous that she has returned to her vital self in so short a time. Her healing sessions have resulted in consistent progress!


Joanna is always there for my companions, offering warm support, clear messages, and solutions to any problems that need attention."

- Rae Ramsey, Animal Communicator, New York, NY

"When my golden retriever Brandy was diagnosed with breast cancer, Brandy and I worked with Joanna on a weekly basis. Joanna very specifically and accurately described Brandy's physical, emotional and mental state. She was always able to find out what Brandy was feeling and what she was needed. 

I feel that without Joanna's skill, tenderness and deep admiration for animals, Brandy would not have lived so long."

- Eileen Marder-Mirman, Rockville Centre, NY

"I found Blanca, our beautiful white German Shepherd, running down Sunset Boulevard. Thomas and I fell in love with Blanca instantly! She had been abused and suffered from many emotional issues. She adjusted quickly to us and did very well in her new home. One day, she panicked crossing a street. She deteriorated until she would not leave the house. 

After our first session with Joanna, Blanca began making marked improvement. She was calmer and could go into the front yard again. After a few sessions, she was acting much more like her old self -- only better, happier and more self-assured. She had more personality and was more affectionate.


Blanca continued to improve over time and recovered her joy of walking and living. It was as if Joanna showed her how to heal."

- Marla & Thomas, Costa Mesa, CA

"Nelson and I were shocked to find out that our 3 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd, Seamus, had severe arthritis as a result of hip dysplasia in his right hip. We decided to go with a total hip replacement. In the course of making this decision, I strongly felt that animal communication (which I had recently found out about) would help Seamus understand what he was going to be facing and what we needed to do to aid in his recovery.

Seamus was very appreciative of the fact that he was informed as to how and why this very major medical procedure would take place. Because he understood how important it was to stay inactive during the two-month recovery period, he accepted this without protest (an amazing feat, considering that he is a VERY active dog) and never licked the four-inch incision site.

These sessions also were beneficial for me. My perception of Seamus changed. I had always considered him a wonderful dog but, as a result of the communication, I came to regard Seamus as a fellow sentient being from whom I can learn a great deal. Thank you Seamus and thank you Joanna."


- Martha Geissler, Charlotte, NC

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