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Healing For Your Animal


After we have had our initial one hour session with your animal family member- or if you are a current client- it will become clear to you if your animal is in need of healing support.

No matter what your animal beloved is facing- whether it is physical illness or injury, a mental/emotional challenge, or a behavioral or relationship issues, spiritual healing can help your animal gain health, balance, and well being.

Your animal can receive individual healing as needed. Most beneficial is a regular healing schedule: once a week or more depending on your animal’s need.

Individual spiritual healing sessions for your animal family member are remote- we do not get on the phone together and you do not need to be at home.

Simply email me and I will let you know when your beloved will receive healing.

If you need to schedule your initial session, click here.

Individual healing session: 25 minutes

Session Fee:      $65

Make Your Payment:

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"When I look into the eyes of an animal,

I do not see an animal.

I see a living being.

I feel a soul.”


--Anthony Douglas Williams 

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