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 In the comfort of your home...
meet your animal family members through

Deeper Communication & Connection

Training (by telephone)

Do you want to feel an even deeper connection with your animal family members, and a beautiful connection with all animals, with wildlife and with nature?


Understand who your animals truly are, what they are communicating

with you, and communicate with them more directly


Would you like to see the quality of your relationship expand beyond what

you may think is possible?

Come discover the beautiful inner life of your animal family members, your most authentic connection with them, and how they are in communication

with you all the time


You'll learn how to: 

1. Access your natural capacity to be in deeper relationship with your animal family members


2. Understand your animal family members in new ways


3. Know your animal family members more fully and open a more clear and direct path of communication


4. Deepen your bond and have an even more loving and fulfilling relationship

DCC Training Session: 1 hour, $150 (by telephone)

(If you would like to include additional human family members in the training session, please ask)

To schedule your Deeper Communication & Connection training session,

email me

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In-person individual training programs are not available at this time. Please see above for the training that is current. 

Individual Training Program

in Animal Communication & Healing

You will learn to:

Open your natural abilities to experience your family member differently

Listen with a deeper ear, see with a softer eye, sense and feel more fully, open to a deeper kind of understanding

Feel/sense the inner life and the energetic nature that is your animal family member, the soul that s/he is

Know him/her in deeper, healing ways


"Joanna's training is a wonderfully centering and creative exploration of the world we share with animals.  She has the phenomenal gift of being able to hold a loving space in which to do this work.  I have gained so much insight and confidence under Joanna's loving and compassionate tutelage."

- Alecia Evans, Tuckaho, NY

Location: Warwick, NY


Session Length: 2 hours

Session Fee: $ 325   * reduced to $295 per person if you share with a friend

Scheduling: weekdays and weekends

  • Fill out and submit the information form

  • Send photographs of you and your family members to Joanna

  • Make payment via Paypal



If you do not receive a response in a reasonable amount of time, please call




Any changes to or cancellation of your training program requires 72 hours notice or you are responsible for the training fee.  Thank you. 

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