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“Gijo, my beautiful brown spotted Bengal cat, turned 18 last October. Five years ago, he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer along with his litter mate Mojo. We put them on prednisone so that they could put on some weight- and some supplements, but no other medical intervention.


Then I found Joanna. She has worked with me and the cats on a weekly basis ever since.


We lost Mojo three years ago this coming July, but he was pretty happy and well until the end. She worked with Gijo and me to help us deal with Mojo's departure and he still shows up in Gijo's sessions from time to time.


Gijo is energetic at times, asks to play, and is still eating well- four years later. I don't think that would be the case without his Joanna and the Circles and his other Circle animal pals. After the healing session, he is a 'new' cat.

Joanna has been a godsend. I see a real difference in Gijo when he has a healing and from what she tells me he loves to teach other animals how to receive. He has always been a wise and genuine soul. Joanna has helped several friends of mine with their pet issues very effectively and I truly believe she is a miracle worker.


Thank you Joanna- you have given me the precious gift of time with both of my boys. Gijo is a perfect partner and I am so blessed to have him still with me. Four years ago I thought I would only have him with me for four months – blessed indeed!"


-Barbara, Westerly, RI

"As a rescue, Beau had major anxiety issues. Beau was keeping me awake due to his heightened anxiety which was brought on by storms, rain, noise, or by simply being away from me.  Beau needed to be held very close.  Doctors recommended medication for Beau but I did not want to drug him daily.  After weeks of little sleep, Barbara (Gijo’s Mom) referred me to Joanna.  Joanna has been a blessing for Beau and me.


Here’s what I recently wrote to Joanna:

Thank you for all your wonderful reports about Beau! You have been accurate with all your observations of his awesome growth. I am in awe some days when I look back at where Beau was 1-2 years ago to where he is today and feel totally blessed, forever grateful to you, amazed at how wonderful Beau is and still continues to grow and come into his own.


Beau has mellowed out, not afraid of storms/rain, just clear about what he likes or doesn't like and that includes people. When we go walking, if he comes upon a situation that makes him uncomfortable or scared, he now walks away quietly. On the day that he has his session with you, he is either tranquil or extra playful. Beau is an angel and I adore him. Thank you for bringing him to the place he is today."

-Janet Layton, Tarrytown, NY

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"About two years ago, my kitty Chuckie, at age 13, began experiencing difficulty in walking.  His hind legs started to become increasingly weak and wobbly.  Within a few months he was unable to use his hind legs at all.


The cause proved hard to diagnose.  After ten months of testing at major Washington DC area clinics – three ultrasounds, a cat scan, spinal tap, specialized blood work panels – the final diagnosis came:  “presumed” spinal lymphoma. 


Fortunately, at the same time that I began contacting specialists, I also got in touch with Joanna, who had been a life saver with other kitties of mine for almost thirty years.  We started twice-weekly half hour healing sessions.  At each session, Joanna energetically began sending healing energy through Chuckie’s spine, (not surprisingly, she pinpointed the exact place on his spine which later showed up on an ultrasound as being the exact location of the “tumor”), hind quarters, legs.  Also, since for a large, macho, farm-raised cat like Chuckie, being unable to walk felt devastating, she began sending him profound thoughts of assurance, such as:  “There are no limits.  All things are possible.”  And for me, to help me stay in a healing frame of mind, she said:  “Put all the diagnoses of all the vets on the shelf, and just know that nothing is set in stone.”


Slowly, surely, Chuckie’s strength began to return.  Until one day, about a year ago, he got up and walked across the room.  I cried tears of joy. 


What has transpired since then is truly miraculous.  He’s steadily gotten better and better.   He walks all over the house now.  Sometimes trots!  Goes up and down stairs.  Prowls around outside.  Visits his old haunts.  Upon occasion he has bouts of weakness.  To deal with that, Joanna has shown him how to “walk through” the weakness.  The expression on his face and the light in his eyes when he does that is triumphant!  You can just see how he’s being powered by a Higher Power.


Two months ago Chuckie went in for a checkup.  His vet marveled!  Over and over she said, “I can’t believe how good he looks!”  Out of curiosity, I asked her how most cats who had been diagnosed with presumed spinal lymphoma over a year ago would be by now.  She said, “Oh!  Usually they would be incapacitated by now.  The cancer would have spread to other organs.  They might not even be here anymore.”  Then she said, “You know, I’m beginning to doubt the specialist’s diagnosis altogether. This cat just looks too good for it to have been that.” At that I smiled, and thought, “or ---- maybe whatever it was has been healed, through Joanna’s energetic healing, supplements she has recommended, and homeopathic remedies prescribed by a colleague she referred me to.”


My advice to anyone facing a similar situation:  Contact Joanna.  Don’t assume the experts know – sometimes they’re wrong!  Know that there are absolutely no limits, and that all things are possible."


- Catherine Roseberry, McLean, VA

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"Goose fell from his perch about 3 and 1/2 years ago and had a traumatic brain injury.   He could not stand up on his own and could barely hold up his head. The vet intimated that we should put him down but my husband and I disagreed. Since I work at home, I put him in a baby wrap and constantly carried him around close to my heart.   Marty did physical therapy with him and we did hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Goose needed Joanna's invaluable work to help him overcome the enormous trauma that he had been through.


He is doing really well! His confidence has taken a real leap forward! We now take him out of the cage by telling him to step up onto our fingers. Goose is able to do it and balance himself. His gripping of his legs is getting stronger and this is empowering!  His mood has improved dramatically.


He has blossomed into an incredibly wise and kind creature due to these spiritual healings. He has become an inspiration to all of us in the house (we have 3 other animals.  We are so grateful for Joanna and all the work that she and Goose have done together.  It has changed our household and made it an even more loving environment."

-Susan Marchlen & Marty Sokoloff, New York, NY

Mipsy 2.JPG

"When I first contacted Joanna to help our dear kitty Mipsy, we were in a terrible bind. Our beloved 8 year old kitty was getting more and more reactive in her nervous system. She was striking out at us and we didn't know what to do or how to help her. The tipping point was when she bit me one night after being startled, sending me to the hospital the next day. I was devastated! 


I myself am an energy healer and am very picky about who I go to. Joanna is very talented and sensitive. Through private sessions and Healing Circles, she has helped Mipsy immeasurably with the added gift of bringing Mipsy, my husband, and me much closer. 


Mipsy understands the difference between her instinctual, outdoor behavior and her indoor human family behavior. We have discovered just how intelligent our girl is and we're better able to communicate with her. A deepening of our connection is very palpable. Mipsy is clear when she wants affection and she is wanting more physical contact. There have been a few times when she's laid down with us, kneading my belly and curling up next to me. It's very sweet. She trusts more, our connection feels more dear." 

- Priya Zander Fox, Amherst, MA

"My little William is a long-haired Chihuahua and he's been by my side since he was a tiny puppy. I noticed the last year or so that he was drinking excessive amounts of water, His blood work showed that his kidney levels were outside the normal range and my vet diagnosed him with early stage chronic kidney disease.


So, of course, it was time to bring out my army of helpers. Having worked with Joanna for over 20 years, she was the first person I called. Joanna has helped me with so many of my pets- including tiny birds, a four foot iguana, and a 95 pound rescue.


We scheduled several one-on-one sessions with William over the course of the next two months. Then I got his blood work checked again. My vet was elated at the fact that now his numbers showed normal kidney function. She couldn't figure it out, but there it was!

I was elated too and noticed another side effect of his sessions with Joanna. William ran when we walked, encouraged playtime, and zoomed around the house every morning like a little puppy!


Periodically I've noticed William go back to drinking a little too much water and so I'll continue to have him participate in the Circles or have individual sessions with Joanna. One thing that hasn't changed is that my little guy continues zooming and playing like a puppy. He know that we're doing the right thing and he feels good!"


- Susan, Rhode Island

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"My beautiful boy Eli became sick in the summer of 2019 and crossed the rainbow bridge in August 2019. It was heartbreaking to lose Eli and doubly heartbreaking to witness his brother Zac's mourning process. Zac had never spent a moment without Eli by his side. It was as if Zac lost a part of himself. He spent many days following Eli's death meowing, vocally expressing his grief. I believe he was communicating with Eli in his own way, telling him how much he missed him.


Zac has continued to participate in Circles for healing for the psst several years. He became a monthly member after Eli's death in 2019. Ovr the past few years, I have noticed Zac

becoming more and more affectionate and vocal too. I attribute these changes in him as a result of embodying more of his beautiful, bright soul due to the energy healing he has received from Circle healings and from being in community with other animal allies. It has been a beautiful gift witnessing Zac's transformation and his process of coming into his own.

At the age of 14, Zac has suddenly become a lap cat after many years of not being able to tolerate mych physical contact. He has also begun sleeping above my head throughout the night. I have imagined our souls traveling together as we enter ino the subtler dimnesions of sleep. Then in the morning he often has much to share!


I named Zac after the angel of surrender because of his more high-strung and anxious behavior. His name- Zacharael- means "the remembrance of God." Through the support of Circle healings, Zac has become calmer, more grounded in his being, and more affectionate as well. I know that his Eli is with us in Spirit and is happy to see his little brother shine so brightly."


- Kim Clay, New York, NY

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