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Schedule a Session For Your Animal

Thank you for your interest in a telephone session for your animal. It's easy to schedule here.

Although I work with all species of animals and all kinds of conditions and situations, I do not help locate missing animals or offer in Spirit communication with those who have passed. 


Session Length: 1 hour

Session Fee:      $135

Office Hours:  Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (ET)                                                   Friday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (ET)


The office closes at 1 p.m. Friday for the weekend.  Occasionally, the office is open on weekends for medical emergencies only.   



  • Fill out and submit the client information form

  • Send photographs of you, your animal family member(s), and all others residing in your household to Joanna.

  • Make payment via Paypal

If you do not receive a response in a reasonable amount of time, call 845.651.1383



Any changes to or cancellation of your scheduled session requires 48 hours notice or you are responsible for the session fee. Thank you.

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"Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural.  They show us what's missing in our lives, and how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally.  They connect us back to who we are, and to the purpose of why we're here."

- Trisha McCagh

At 6 years old, Merlin almost died from crystals in his urethra. That’s when we began healing work with Joanna.


I was fascinated by animal telepathy. I took a workshop Joanna taught on animal communication and healing. I loved that training and loved being on the phone with her for Merlin and for me. The healings have been very helpful for him.


At the age of 14, Merlin was diagnosed with a genetic condition, a hopelessly misshapen heart- enlarged and deformed. We began intensive medical care for Merlin and weekly healings- in Circle one week and a half hour individual healing the next. The vet did not expect him to live more than six months. It is now more than two years!


Joanna never put an “end date” on Merlin’s life. She continues to give him intensive healing all year round and he loves it!  At our most recent vet visit, the echocardiogram showed that Merlin no longer has an enlarged heart! The vet said that if she met him today, she would not treat him for this.


We can't thank Joanna enough."


- Zan Ottaway, Northhampton, MA.

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