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"A little over seven years ago my life changed for the better when this little bright light entered my life and brought so much joy!  My nephew found this little kitten in South Beach (Sobe) Florida on the day that Super Storm Sandy occurred.  Hence the name Sandy Sobe. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her.

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A few years ago, I thought I lost my little girl.  I took her to the vet (thinking I was being a good Mommy) and before I could get my bearings, they gave her 2 vaccinations - one for rabies and one for distemper.  Turns out that the distemper shot was 4 vaccines in 1 so they gave my little 9 lb. baby who doesn’t leave the house 5 vaccines in one day.  They told me that she would be a little lethargic from the vaccines.


The next morning, Sandy was lame and her eyes were clouded.  She could barely move and I was beside myself. This was a little girl that would jump and climb all over the house and now she could barely move.  I immediately brought her to the vet who said that this shouldn't have happened and they gave her fluids and said to come back if it didn't get better.  Well, it didn't get better so I went back.  Their solution was to give her a month’s course of antibiotics.  I contemplated it, but something inside me said that I needed to get other opinions.  I brought her to 5 other vets until a friend told me to call Joanna.  

Joanna told me that this was vaccinosis and that she might be able to help Sandy.  I knew when I spoke to her that she would be able to help Sandy.  Joanna's words resonated and I started to have hope after many weeks of despair and many tears. 


Joanna recommended healing sessions and a homeopathic vet.  She could speak to Sandy and could see that Sandy was behind a cloud of whatever was in the vaccines.  Joanna gave me hope and would check in consistently to give me updates.  Over some time, I could see the spark of light return to Sandy's eyes.  I could see she was coming back to herself and to me.  After another dose of a homeopathic remedy and more healing sessions, more progress occurred.  I was really beginning to see my girl again.  She was losing the brain fog and could jump again.  She was returning to herself more and more every day.  I was ecstatic and so was Sandy!  After so much despair, I felt that Joanna had made a miracle happen.  I was so grateful!


I am happy to say that Sandy has fully returned to her beautiful and bright self.  She continues to climb (high!) and look at me with clear eyes. I wake up with so much gratitude everyday!  I really experienced the power of the work that Joanna can do.  There are no words to express what happened.  I still cry when I think that I almost lost her. Thank you Joanna!  Sandy and I are eternally grateful!" 


-Kristine Stallone, Yonkers, NY

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"Before we went to meet our new adoptee, Spotty, we arranged a communication to introduce him to us and his new pack members. We wanted this connection before we all physically met. The initial "meet and greet" went so well that we took him home right when we met him.


We am glad to report that Spotty is great! It was like they (the other canine family members) knew he was the new pack member right away. Spotty is very sweet, gave us kisses. He explored the house and went on a walk with Cinnamon which went fine, then fell asleep in one of the crates. Everything just went smoothly. Spotty is getting along seamlessly with the others. All the dogs love him!"

-Rich & Sharon Mayer, Teaneck, NJ

"In August 2019, my 6 year old cat, Lucky, went into heart failure.  He had a known heart murmur since he was a year old which was stable on medication. When I came home one day, I found him with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, unable to catch his breath.  His respiratory rate was very high, and his whole abdomen and chest cavity was expanding and contracting in an effort to breathe - it was obvious this was an emergency. This was the first time we experienced anything like this, and it was scary

The vets at the hospital were great and stabilized Lucky with oxygen and an increase in medications.  They said his heart was 2-3 times the size it should be. They also said that for most cats, after the first occurrence of heart failure, they usually only live 6-8 months. 

A dear friend recommended I call Joanna. When he was young, Lucky used to be a very playful, social cat and had to be in the middle of every conversation!  And, before working with Joanna, Lucky just wasn’t himself.  He was lethargic and wanted to remove himself from being around people.

Now, Lucky is so different! He has been playing more and more! He ran through the tunnel for the first time in 5 years! He also has been doing things he used to do with me all the time- like whining to get my attention, then running quickly and looking back telling me he wants to play "chase." So I've been engaging and chasing him!


In speaking with Joanna, I am trusting more and more of what I am “hearing” from Lucky. Trusting that I actually know him well and what he’s trying to communicate with me. I feel much more in tune with his non-verbal communication and it’s pretty amazing. I truly appreciate everything Joanna been doing. I know that this turn-around with Lucky has a lot to do with his healings.

It’s now 18 months since the episode and Lucky is better than ever!  I feel so blessed and grateful for Joanna and everything she’s done for Lucky - his healing has really affected the whole family.  There are no words for that." 

-Diana Lomonte, Sedona, AZ

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"After seeing the progress Lucky experienced from healings, I decided to start Jon Snow working with Joanna.  I had hoped this would ease the tension on Lucky, as well as the whole family. I could tell Jon was starting to feel “left out,” because we had to keep the cats separated due to Lucky’s heart condition - and it was obvious he missed his “big brother!” 

Jon Snow has literally changed his whole demeanor since experiencing healings and Circle healings. A 7 month old kitten, Jon is full of kitten energy and loves to play! However, his play was often in the form of roughhousing- jumping on and biting Lucky. Although Jon's kitten energy was normal, it was too much for Lucky. 

We no longer have to keep the cats separated since Jon has been receiving healings! Jon still loves to play and be with his big brother, but it's so much more controlled. Now we all say to Jon, "Are you being sweetness?!" Because it's amazing how sweet, cuddly and affectionate he's become! He loves being with the whole family and will head bop each of us, without a follow-up attempt to bite our cheeks. It's so nice getting sleep at night because we can now leave the door open and the cats roam freely rather than waking us, meowing to get in or out. 

And the relationship between Lucky and Jon Snow is just unbelievable - I really didn’t think they could be this close, this quickly.  It’s truly amazing now watching them sit or nap side-by-side, calmly and affectionately.  I truly believe it is also helping to heal Lucky’s heart...he is no longer under undue stress.  He also has this new little being that he cares for and looks after.


Thank you so much Joanna! Words just can’t express my gratitude fully.  All of our lives have been enriched by the relationship of these 2 little boys."  

- Diana (again), for Jon Snow

"Miss Kitty came into our lives after my best friend Lucky died- who Joanna supported until the end and transitioned smoothly because of Joanna’s presence in our lives.


Miss Kitty had a rough start with our other cat, Jon Snow. Jon so wanted to play with his new friend. Miss Kitty needed time to acclimate to her new home. Having been an outdoor cat for at least part of her life, certain anxieties continued even after entering a loving home and new family. This seemed like it could be a good match yet both kitties were becoming more and more stressed by the day. In not knowing how to bridge the gap, I turned to Joanna for help.


Joanna’s help was invaluable - in understanding Miss Kitty's behavior, supporting Jon’s needs as well, and her recommendations on how to proceed in a positive way. What was becoming a stress for the whole household is now a pure joy! Jon and Miss Kitty run through the house chasing, tumbling, and tackling! And, we often find them napping close by. This new friendship is truly blossoming. I can never thank Joanna enough for her gift, support, and love."

-Diana, for Miss Kitty

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"My 16 year old male cat, Jonahmoo, has been dealing with several serious health issues over the past year, including several types of cancer as well as kidney disease. He is doing well thanks to amazing veterinarians and the tremendous support provided by Joanna's healings.


Joanna has supported Jonahmoo in both acute (e.g,. post-surgery) and "maintenance" periods. I firmly believe that Joanna's healings have really helped Jonahmoo fight through his challenges. Joanna shows a genuine concern and affection for Jonahmoo which tells me that I have found the right person to help."

- Eric M, New York, NY

"Joanna was recommended to me over 20 years ago when my beloved Russian Blue cat Sai was having difficulty adjusting to a big move, expressing her discontent by peeing on a rug in my new apartment.


Sai and I shared a profound love, and through the years, Joanna came to the rescue many times by helping me understand this intensely sensitive being while offering deep energetic support to Sai. She helped Sai when I entered a new relationship, when we moved yet again, when the baby came, when a new kitten was introduced to the household, when the relationship ended, and she helped immeasurably when Sai was at the end of her life. At this point Sai was living in a walk-in closet off my bedroom. At night when I was in bed she’d emerge and lie on my chest, a portal to pure presence, we shared in such deep communion. I thought this was enough for her at that point in her life.

This was the scene during one particular call with Joanna in Sai’s waning days. Sai planted on my chest, communing, listening. I don’t remember the details of the call, but as soon as it ended, Sai jumped off the bed and walked down the stairs for the first time in months (maybe years), and she never went back into that closet. She staked out a place in front of the glass door that went to the backyard and that is where she spent the last weeks of her life.

Sai came into herself in such a powerful way after that call, embracing life even though death was imminent. She felt whole when she died and I’m forever grateful to Joanna

for supporting her soul in such powerful and meaningful ways, throughout her life but particularly in her dying. It freed us both, and what a gift that was."

-Melinda Gates, San Antonio, TX

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