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Circles of Healing


Does your animal family member need support in some way in his/her life?


Is s/he in a health challenge, experiencing a behavioral difficulty, an emotional issue, or is s/he simply in need of some kind of healing?


The Circles of Healing are the perfect place for your animal to receive the kind of assistance that can help her/him release whatever may feel limiting- mentally, emotionally, physically- and heal into a more healthy, balanced, and joyful life.

The Circles of Healing are opportunities for healing every two weeks.

Everyone is welcome in the Circles, all of your animal family members. 

The only requirement for having your animal(s) receive healing in Circle is that you and I have had a session with your animal(s) recently. If we have not had an initial session or a recent session, please click here.

*Please note: You will not be on the telephone with me during Circle. And you do not need to be at home for your animals to be in Circle. If you are at home, enjoy relaxing/meditating with your animal(s) during the Circle hour.


*If your animal family member has an acute or chronic condition or illness, s/he can be in multiple or daily Circles.

This- "Circle Intensive"- is highly recommended. 


Circles are intended to offer additional healing and support for the health and well-being of your animals, not to replace regular sessions. I recommend that we have sessions periodically to explore in greater depth other facets of healing for all your animal family members.

Here’s what you need to do:


1. Click here to reserve your animal's place in Circle. Let me know which animal(s) you would like in Circle and the focus for his/her healing. I will email you with your animal(s)’ day and time. 

 *Your animal family member will be in the healing energy field for the entire hour and receive focused individual healing.  

2. Send a current individual photo of your animal(s) if I do not already have one to Joanna.


3. Make your payment ($30 for each animal for each Circle) by check made out to me at: PO Box 93, Warwick, NY 10990. If you are international, you can make your payment via Paypal (US Currency only) at

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Vincent’s Circle Healings


“Vincent”, a handsome young buck, showed up in my yard. I noticed him right away for several reasons: he was a buck hanging on the outside of the group and he seemed skinny, small in size, and lacked muscle tone. And, he had lumps on his body- quarter-sized, some golf ball sized lumps on his cheek, neck, legs and chest and one massive lump, the size of a large grapefruit, on his wither.


I was very concerned about him. I immediately asked Joanna if he could come into the Circles for intensive healing. So, we put him in every Circle day.


Here is what I have noticed since he has received healing: Vincent has grown and come into his own! He is a massive buck now, full of himself, in his power and authority and he has taken over the herd. He eats first! He is happy and proud, right in the center of things.


And, his lumps- all are just scabs now except for the one on his wither, which, as Joanna says, is a “healing in progress”. He still comes by with his herd and I can see that he is very much healed in body and Spirit!"


- Lisa Y., New Jersey


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