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Schedule Your Mentoring Session


If you work with animals in any capacity- as a healer, communicator, shelter worker, trainer, behaviorist, foster parent, etc.- you know that challenges can come up with the animals you are helping.

To help you gain more clarity, insight and a deeper understanding of the animals you are assisting and help you discover new ways of being with them, allow me to support you in a mentoring session.  

Session Length: 1 hour (by telephone)

Session fee: $150


Office Hours:  Monday through Thursday, 10:00 a.m to 8:00  p.m. (Eastern)

                                                   Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon (Eastern)

The office closes at 12:00 noon on Friday for the weekend.  


  • Fill out and submit the information form

  • Send photographs of you and your family members and photos of the animal and family members you want support with: to Joanna

  • Make payment via Paypal

If you do not receive a response from me in a reasonable period of time, please call 845-651-1383




Any changes to or cancellation of your scheduled session requires 48 hours notice  or you are responsible for the session fee. Thank you.

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"I came to Joanna to help me better understand my animals, especially Soho. She helped me open my eyes and heart to greater spiritual understanding and wisdom. I learned about grief, surrender, making space in my heart, the purpose of love and compassion, and about healing for myself and my animals."


- Susan Kalev, New York, NY

"About five years ago, I received my first professional request to do a healing communication with an animal. I had only read animals informally so it seemed wise to get in touch with Joanna, our family’s animal healer/communicator, for advice.


Joanna taught me about grounding my energy and about going slowly and never letting myself feel rushed. She showed me how to properly separate self-projection from valid information. She taught me always to pause and ask more questions, to go deeper than the initial answer. And to learn to develop other “extra-ordinary” senses as well as my dominant one.


Each time I have consulted with Joanna has been quite a profound experience. From training with her in a memorable workshop in the early 2000’s, Joanna has been my most reliable, comprehensive and solid teacher as well as still being a very deep and loyal ally to my beloved cat who has received miraculous healing from her over a more than two-year period...and counting!


I am very grateful to Joanna for her dedicated work and love of animals."

                  - Zan Ottaway, animal communicator,

                                  Northampton, MA. 

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