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I was living in Manhattan at the time. I was at work, having a conversation with a co-worker. She told me that she had been to a healer and that it was amazing. I was curious...and so I went to see this person. 

What was stunning to me was that as soon as I met her, I "recognized" her, even though we had never met. As I listened to her, it seemed like I could sense what she was going to say before she said it.... What is this? I was fascinated..... In that moment, I became an avid student of spiritual healing, following the energy of what seemed to be drawing me in to a world that was so familiar and yet so new. 


I have studied and practiced with many teachers and healers over the years. With Reverend Edward F, Knudsen, a self taught healer, at the Personal Realization Center. With Barbara Brennan at the internationally renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Upon completion of the four-year training program in 1993, certified in Brennan Healing Science, I joined the faculty. For three years, I taught and supervised students. For four years, I worked as a mentor, teacher, supervisor, and trainer of teachers at the school in the Teachers' Development and Training Program. 

I was member of the founding class of A Society of Souls, the school for Non-Dual Healing and Awakening/Integrated Kabbalsitic Healing, under the leadership of Jason Shulman and graduated from the three-year training program in 1996. In that same year, I received certification in Integrative Psychology after completing the three-year psychology training program taught by Alexis Johnson, Judith Schmidt, and Barbara Miller at the Center for Intentional Living.

Over the years, I have studied, trained, practiced, and meditated with many acclaimed teachers of healing and the esoteric. I continue on the path of awakening and transformation through study and practice with teachers Craig Hamilton, Jeff Carreira, Thomas Hubl, and Adyashanti.  

I am a member of the One Meditation Day of Practice team that offers a free three hour monthly day of meditation. You are most welcome to join. Please go to for more information and to register. 


Walking a vegan path in life, I offer support to others seeking to make a shift in their way of living. I have been a volunteer mentor through the Catskill Animal Sanctuary New Leaf Program and the coordinator of a local meetup group that supports vegans and those looking to transition to a vegan way of life. 

For several years, I had been a guest teacher for the Columbia University

Teachers College Masters Program, at the Spirituality Mind Body Institute,

offering training in interspecies communication through their program entitled "The Animal-Human Bond." 

I have been in private practice for more than 30 years, assisting animals in healing into more balanced, healthy, and joyous lives. It is an honor and privilege for me to offer support and healing to so many animals on our planet. 

"Joanna has nurtured and supported our feline Goldie and canine Lily's life every step of the way. From the moment we brought our animal family members home, Joanna was there to welcome them and help us make their transition elegant and easy.


Joanna has an extraordinary ability to attune to our animals, helping us understand their specific nature enabling a more direct way to communicate with them.  Her healing Circles bring peace and well-being to our family.  I receive and bathe in the delicious energy too!!!


When it was time for our Goldie to make his transition, Joanna was there every step of the way offering her loving kindness and wisdom. She supported our family as we walked through our sorrow.


Joanna is the real deal. We are so blessed to participate in her circle of care. We wish every animal companion and human could experience this quality of support and love."


-Julie, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.

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