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Even More Sharings

"My husband Ricky and I have worked with Joanna for over 20 years. Joanna worked with Fred, our kitty of 21 years, supporting him and us in the last few years of his life with emotional and health issues and helping him cross the rainbow bridge.


A few weeks after Fred’s passing, a friend brought us the kitten Amorie. And a few weeks after Amorie arrived, our niece and nephew brought us the kitten Shanti. That was 16 years ago! Time passes so quickly! Joanna has been an amazing part of our lives with them, from kitten to elder. She has worked with them in sessions and Circles with emotional, behavioral, and health issues. Joanna has a very calming influence in her communication and healings which is very apparent in their behavior the day after the Circle or session.


Recently we had a session with Joanna and we told her that the two girls never sleep together. Not in 16 years. The very next day they showed us up and made our statement to be untrue as they leisurely slept together for the entire day!"


- Cherie Ingraham, Brewster, NY

Newsletter Amorie & Shanti.jpeg

"Thank you so very much for your working with Metok … you have helped me immeasurably … to follow my knowing that the right path involved helping her go in a time with less suffering … as opposed to thinking more time is always better for our beings … which in this case would have been selfish of me …. 


Thank you for using to your ability to connect … correspond with and garner direction from her on where she is in the process … which has opened the door for us to trust our instincts with respect to what is right for Metok … no matter how painful it may be for us …I have been incredibly blessed to have had her in my life for 7 years plus.


You are a gift ... and Pascale and I thank you for your help."


- John Moss & Pascale Titley, Oceanside, NY

"At first I thought the healing session for Moose and Mango was because they were not responding well to their new litter box situation. I realize now that the healing they needed was more profound.


Through Joanna's wonderful work I found that I had one unhappy Moose and a frustrated Mango. Moose (brown) and Mango (orange) are brothers. They came into my life when they were so young their eyes were barely open. The issue my boys were having came after we moved which left them with more alone time than they have ever experienced. I have always had a feeling that Moose was sad I just did not know what to do for him.


Communicating with him through the healings allowed Moose to feel again how much I love him. He is back to his affectionate and playful self. Joanna's healing also allowed me to see that I was not recognizing Mango's clever and mischievous  personality. I now play games with him and give him a lot of praise for figuring out "the game."


I love Moose and Mango but after the healings I am able to communicate and respond to them in a much deeper and meaningful way. I highly recommend Joanna's work. She healed our family in ways that were unimaginable to me. I never thought I could know Moose and Mango the way I do now. I am so thankful Joanna! As a side note there are no longer any litter box issues."

- Laura Miles, San Rafael, CA

"We call Oreo “our little guy.” Our family, including Oreo, was all very broken hearted when his brother, Mango, passed. I contacted Joanna for support in our grieving process and guidance on how to help Oreo move forward.


We had a few sessions which were so helpful. Then Oreo went through a serious tooth and ear infection. I also felt he was deeply grieving. Oreo joined the Circles of Healing. Without a doubt, I believe the healings have helped him regain his health, become more peaceful, more energetically balanced, more playful and much more receptive to love than he ever had been. I’m so grateful that Joanna shares her gift. With her support, we’ve all changed for the better."

- Michelle Peters, Biscayne Park, FL

"Like many felines, Jackson can be quite nervous at times.  When he was younger however, his nervousness translated into periods of shaking which landed him in the neurologist’s office.  After multiple tests, no known cause was found for his tremors.  That’s when a friend told me about Joanna.  Over the years, Joanna has invited Jackson to discover his inner peace and calm no matter what the situation.  He is happier and much calmer now – thank you, Joanna!"

- Alicia Shumate, Asheville, NC

"The people at the shelter had given us a heads-up about Peter Pepper, that he was skittish and nervous and needed reassurance and love, but that with time he would come around because in his heart he is a warm and loving cat.  Well - Peter Pepper was really skittish.  After he came home with us he stayed wedged between a dresser and the wall for days. We needed Joanna's help to understand him and help him get over whatever he had experienced before coming to us.


In communication with him through Joanna, we found out that his birth had been surrounded by a lot of chaos. His relationship with his mother had not been long enough and he had picked up the chaotic energy of the hoarder house from which he had been removed at a young age before spending two years at the shelter. He communicated to us that time would heal his emotional wounds, that he understands things are safe in his new home, he suggests tolerance treatment (keep picking him up gently), and spending quiet time with him. 


In the three and a half years Peter Pepper has been with us he has developed into the most loving, spiritual, kind, and wise cat we could wish to live with. As skittish as he used to be, he now comes and sits and sleeps on my lap, rubs his heads vigorously against mine in a beautiful show of love and appreciation, and is in general a very content cat."


- Susanne Meyer-Fitzsimmons, Warwick, NY

"Joanna was referred to us by a former student of hers when we recently adopted two adult bulldogs from a puppy mill.  They were both very sweet but had been extremely traumatized. When the female died during simple spay surgery, we were desperate to understand why.  Joanna provided extremely helpful information on our dog's traumatic past and provided more of the deeper spiritual context for why this lovely dog came into our lives for so short a time and why we felt such a deep loss with her passing. Joanna was also instrumental in healing our remaining dog who was grieving the loss of his only friend.  We are all a happier household due to Joanna's exceptional skills."


- Laura Tucker, Port Townsend, WA

"Brandie first came to our home a year and a half old and abandoned. Two years later, he was diagnosed with mast cell tumors which were positive for cancer. The treatment: chemotherapy and other drugs that would compromise his quality of life, with no guarantee of a cure. Not wanting to compromise Brandie’s quality of life, I began researching alternative methods. Thus began our journey with Joanna. 


Eight years later, Brandie is in remission from his cancer, and from diabetes. And while we still have some challenges, now the on-set of age related issues, Brandie is healthy, balanced, and very happy. We so look forward to Brandies monthly healings and are grateful for the compassion, guidance, and love that Joanna has provided through the years with Brandie." 

- Pamela Simmonds, South Hamilton, MA

"Ten years ago, Joanna helped my cat Jack make a major difficult adjustment. Jack was a stray in Bermuda who I found while on vacation. He went from sharing a peaceful home environment and being the focus of everyone's attention to abruptly trying to cope with the introduction of two new puppies. Each time Joanna spoke with him, I could immediately see a difference in his behavior. Joanna's communication with the puppies, Keira and Bandit, also helped to ease Jack's anxiety. I credit Joanna with giving Jack the courage and strength to take his place as the leader of all the cats and dogs I’ve adopted over the years.

Joanna's sensitivity not only helped Jack make a transition but allowed me to deal with a stressful situation. The developing relationships between the three animals are a work in progress, but one that I'm sure Joanna will continue to help us manage.

Recently Joanna helped my other cat Luigi who is suffering with intestinal lymphoma as well as numerous other health issues.  Luigi had lost his appetite and was lethargic.  I had numerous tests run on him from his internist, cardiologist, and oncologist.  All the results were inconclusive and Luigi’s health continued to decline. 


Joanna did an individual healing session for him.  He was also part of a Healing Circle a few days later.  Almost immediately, I noticed an increase in his appetite and a return to his feisty demeanor.  His eyes no longer lacked luster and he was just a happy cat!  I credit Joanna’s intervention for getting Luigi back on track.


I am most fortunate to have had Joanna help me and my fur-babies get through some very difficult times." 

- Erin Hinton, Yonkers, NY

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