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Sitting With Not Knowing

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

In her poem, "I'm Learning To Sit With Not Knowing", Carrie Newcomer speaks to a part of the journey of life that we may all be able to relate to. Great wisdom not only from an ordinary perspective in life but from the spiritual perspective as well.

I'm learning to sit with not knowing

Even when my restless mind begins jumping

From a worried

What next?

To a frightened

What if?

To a hard edged and impatient,

Why aren't you already there?

I'm learning to sit and listen

To pat myself on the knee,

Lay my hand on my heart,

Take a deep breath,

And laugh at myself.

To befriend my mistakes,

Especially the ones,

That show me how

I most need to change.

I'm learning to sit with whatever comes

(Even though I'm a planner)

Because so much of this life

Can't be measured or predicted.

Because wonder and suffering visit

When we least expect

And rarely in equal measure.

I'm learning to sit with

What I might never know

Might never learn

Might never heal.

I'm learning to sit with

What might waltz in and surprise me,

Might crash into my days,

With unspeakable sorrow

Or uncontainable delight.

I'm learning to sit with not knowing.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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