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One Nation

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

This fabulous photo is lighting up the Internet- an incredible portrait of dogs who go to day care together.

There is something very compelling about this photo, isn't there. Something that draws your eyes into the eyes of each dog, and something that draws you into the feeling of this joyful pack.

It's striking- the way in which each dog presents him/herself. There is an immediate feeling of being taken in, of feeling welcomed into this group of beautiful ones.

The uniqueness, intelligence, beauty, heart, and soul of each dog is fully alive here in this photo, each one radiating his/her exquisite Essence.

A perfect coming together- in harmony- of all different breeds, sizes, shapes, personalities, qualities. A perfect union of uniquenesses...a single nation. One nation of beings.

And isn't this what we human beings are longing for. Now, especially, at this time when we come together with family and friends and sit in gratitude, appreciation, and blessing for all in our lives. Longing to feel the deeper truth that knows that we truly are this: one nation of living beings sharing in this life on this incredible planet.

May we, as we begin to open to the holiday season, embrace the truth of who we all are, animal and human: one nation of beings. All sharing this one life.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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