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Boundless Heart Spiritual Heart

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

When we read the news of our world, we may often feel completely overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions. In our personal lives, we may also have times when we feel the same.

This beautiful piece is from spiritual teacher Adyashanti. Understanding and guidance for opening the/our Boundless

Spiritual Heart.

Boundless Heart/Spiritual Heart

"We know the human heart and all manner of emotions that it can experience.

The Spiritual Heart is the heart that doesn’t close. It’s associated with our Deeper Nature.

The human heart can’t contain everything. The Spiritual Heart can contain the complete enormity of joy, love, and suffering. The human heart lives within the Spiritual Heart.

Through the Spiritual Heart, we care because we are connected. We feel our Interconnectedness. Follow the thread of any emotion to its very origin… which is care.

The Spiritual Heart can experience the infinite magnitude of love and the incredible amount of sorrow without overwhelm. It is impacted... but not attached. It is the space to hold it all.

The Spiritual Heart is a perceptual center. Perception through the Spiritual Heart opens to Unity.

The Spiritual Heart is perceived and becomes present through surrender… surrender… like holding a closed fist... to gently opening it."

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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