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The Uncertainty Of Presence

Presence: in-the-moment awareness and attentiveness; being an open availbility to all that is... from the deepest inner realms of our being to our ordinary lives

Being fully present- within ourselves, to each other, in life- brings us face to face with vulnerability of being alive in human form and ultimately to the aliveness inherent in our experience as living beings.

This excerpt on presence is from "Say What You Mean, a Mindfulness Based Approach

to Non-Violent Communication" by Oren Jay Sofe

“Presence reveals the fundamental uncertainty and mystery of being alive. Human beings are unpredictable. No matter how well I know someone, I can never be sure what they are thinking, how they are feeling, or what they will say. I can't know how a conversation will evolve. We can plan and strategize all we want, but how often do things unfold the way we imagined?

If we become fixated on a plan, we lose touch with the moment. When that happens,

we lose access to wisdom. Our ability to respond appropriately to what's happening becomes clouded by preconceived ideas about what we think should be happening.

When we plan, can we recognize our ideas for what they are: a tentative, imagined


There is a saying in Zen:"Not knowing is most intimate." True presence always entails

a tremble of uncertainty. This is healthy; it means we are in touch with reality. When

we first begin to experience the uncertainty of true presence, we may feel unsettled

or vulnerable. Over time, we learn to feel more at ease with not knowing. What was initially uncomfortable gives way to a feeling of aliveness."

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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