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The Spiritual Heart

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

In the midst of these extraordinarily challenging times, there is also so much kindness and care being demonstrated in the world. So much wisdom and inspiration and new vision opening that can lead us to the breakthrough we so dearly need in order to move forward into the world that is before us.

Frequently, I participate in programs with spiritual teachers and I find that there is always something presented that shifts perception, understanding, and awareness. This time, it was what Adyashanti's spoke to in one of his recent offerings.

Adya spoke about what he calls the Spiritual Heart. The Boundless Heart. The Greater Heart that is an aspect of our True Nature.

Our human heart nature: how we experience emotions in our lives and through which we express our feelings. As much as it can expand to include many emotions, the human heart seems to have limitations in terms of what it can embrace. We instinctively know this. We often use phrases like "I am heart broken"which speaks directly to our intuitive sense that the human heart does have limitations in its capacity to experience and contain feelings.

The human heart, we could say, lives within the Spiritual Heart. The Spiritual Heart being the greater capacity we have to feel- and contain what we feel. It can experience an infinite magnitude of love and an incredible amount of pain and suffering- in our lives/world- without contracting or closing. Its qualities being Unconditional Love, Empathy, Compassion, Greater Care.

We all experience the Spiritual Heart in our lives- and do so without any effort. When we feel moved by deep compassion for human beings we do not know who are in great distress: that is the Spiritual Heart. When we feel the pain of loss and hold that pain along with great care for our land that is ablaze or flooded: that is the Spiritual Heart. When we witness animals suffering in our world and feel our souls aching and we bear that feeling: that is the Spiritual Heart.

The Spiritual Heart is as aspect of our Deeper Nature. We can open into Its great spaciousness through the human simply...letting go. Surrendering into Its very nature. It's as if...we are holding a tightly closed fist....and then, we simply and gently open it.

In opening into the Spiritual Heart, we will find that we have more capacity to be- without breaking- with the tremendous joy and sorrow in our lives, in the lives of others,

and in our world.

The Spiritual Heart- our True Nature- is within us just waiting for us to let go into it and relax into its gentle embrace.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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