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The Spark Of Life

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

It was early morning one day last week. I came downstairs to give Jaya and Taj their breakfast. In one of the water bowls, I noticed an insect face down in the water, not moving. I didn't recognize his species- not an ant, nor spider, nor millipede. Someone I'd never seen before.

My heart ached as I witnessed the lifelessness of his body.

I took a piece of paper towel and gently scooped up the tiny one. He was laying as he had in the water, face down, appearing to be completely lifeless. As I looked at him, I heard the deeper wiser voice inside saying- that even though I could not sense any life force in this being, never assume that the "Spark"- the Spark that animates us all- is not there...somewhere.

And so I took this little insect on the paper towel outside to my front porch. Safe and protected from sun and the elements, I carefully laid the paper towel down close to my door. I thought that perhaps by being in the open air, drying some, that the Spark within this little insect might awaken and reignite. I went back inside.

Five minutes later, I went to check on this tiny being- and he was gone. Only the paper towel remained. Out he went, into the world to be his insect self again.

How easy it is for us, as human beings, to assume that if we cannot actively feel/sense/see something- like the Spark of Life that was buried deep inside this insect, shrouded from view- it is not there. So many would have simply tossed this tiny being out in the garbage without a thought. And yet, buried inside this seemingly lifeless one, the Spark still lived.

Perhaps we need to shift our orientation.

And begin by recognizing that the force that is Life is a powerful and mysterious thing. That we may not be able to discern with all of our senses- and even our inner senses- the presence of that Spark- and it still might be there. That we may need to let go into a deeper Trust in Life itself, in Life's greatest intention which is to be Life. And, no matter what appearances or circumstances may suggest, always giving Life the possibility and opportunity to reveal itself.

The joy I experienced from this small but enormous encounter with Life through this little being filled me all day. That is the gift that Life gives us. In every moment that we are able to recognize the Spark of Life in another...see it, honor it and treasure it... immeasurable peace, love, and grace will shower upon us and radiate into the world.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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