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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

The Call of Peace

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Can you feel it..... the call, the deep pull inside us and around us, toward...Peace.

There is something in the air, now more so perhaps than at any other time of the year. Now more so than at any other time in our lives. Something that is calling us to awaken and open to the Peace that wants to express fully from within us, the Peace that longs to be manifest in our world.

In the midst of these challenging times that seem to push us far way from the inner Peace that is our natural state- and the natural state of animals and all living beings.....there is something stronger, something deeper, something more powerful calling us. Something calling us to open to, to discover, to uncover, and to live as and from the Peace.... and usher that forth into our world.

It's an eternal call from somewhere so far beyond our ordinary thinking, feeling and our ordinary lives. And yet, so close, so intimate, as it Who we truly all are in our Essence. That which emanates from the Spirit of all living beings. And is the underpinning of all life.

Our own true nature is calling. The true nature of all life is calling. Calling from within and without. The animals are listening. They always do. Nature is listening- she always does. All life is listening.

May we not only listen but hear and feel the call that wants to move us into a new era of being. An era in which all living beings co-exist in harmony and Peace on this precious planet we call our home. May we all become Peace today and offer it freely into life.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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