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Our Intuitive Capacity

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

For the past year plus, for so many of us, life has felt like a constant series of bumps. Some small, some enormous. Often feeling pushed and pulled in different directions by strong outer forces. Often not knowing in which direction to turn.

And still, today, this is our life in many regards. Information we receive one day can shift and change the next as we learn more. It seems that our ordinary way of taking in information, digesting it, and making a decision doesn't seem to fully serve in this constantly moving territory.

How can we navigate more accurately in an ever-changing landscape?

Accessing the deeper natural capacities that we all have may be an essential piece in how we can understand these changeable and sometimes tumultuous tides of life.

One capacity that seems to be awake in many human beings is what we call intuition. That "gut" feeling, a kind of "knowing", sensing beyond what is apparent to our ordinary senses.

Almost everyone can tell a story about their experience with intuition. Thinking of a friend and a second later the phone rings... and the friend is calling. Having a feeling about not driving on a particular road and finding out later there was a big accident on that road. Or just a subtle feeling that something is "right" or "not quite right."

Our intuitive sense can help us have a broader and deeper picture of what is before us, tapping into the level of subtle energy beneath our experience.

How do we open our intuitive capacity more? It's really quite simple. Soften. Soften the body, soften the mind, soften the heart, soften energy. Intuition flows when we are soft and open.

Intuition is part of who we are, always available to us. Of course, it's important to take in all the information we can gather and contemplate... and then invite in our intuitive sense. We may get a more comprehensive picture of what is before us and what our next right step may be.

Leaning on our inner senses can serve us greatly in every moment of our lives. Our intuitive voice is always there and ready to speak as soon as we are softly open to it.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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