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Love Is Medicine

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Wisdom from Baba Ram Dass,

American spiritual teacher, guru, author, and psychologist. Famous for his very down to earth, accessible- and sometimes irreverent- way of teaching about a spiritual way of living and being.

Love is the Most Powerful Medicine

“You don’t have to change anybody; you just have to love them.

In relationships, when the other person doesn’t fit into your model of how heaven

would be, you don’t have to play God. You just have to love individual differences

and appreciate them the way they are. Because love is the most powerful medicine.

You’re looking at another being, just the way they are, and saying,“Let me appreciate

God’s perfection.” Every time we’re in the presence of unconditional love, we remember. And when we remember, we open. And when we open, the Light pours through us.

If you became a person who could love unconditionally, everyone you love would flower before your very eyes. Every way you look would be Light."

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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