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Just One Moment

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

It was day 4 of tropical storm Ophelia moving through. The rain had stopped, there were streaks

of sunlight beginning to break through the clouds. The grass was drenched and was a vibrant iridescent green.

I was coming out of my home and about to get into my car when I noticed a praying mantis on the roof. My first thought was that he was using the bright white of my car to intensify the warmth of the sun given all the rain. But as I got closer, he didn't move away from me. He let me see him clearly.

He was present but his energy felt weak. His coloring was mostly pale brownish/black.

His breathing appeared labored to me. It felt to me as if he was dying.

I invited him into communication. The loveliness of this being was palpable and his willingness to connect was delightful. I wanted to let him know I was going to be moving

the car and he could use that to help himself lift off if he chose. He seemed to understand what I was saying. I moved the car ten feet and got out, only to find him in the exact same spot on the roof.

It was clear that he needed help. I let him know that I would assist him. Wanting to respect his fragile condition, I sensed into whether he could accept my picking him up in my hands- that felt too disturbing for him (and a good thing: I learned later that mantises bite). So I offered a towel I had in the car as transport. He touched it and didn't understand the texture. I then found a large leaf and invited him to step on, letting him know I would take him to a safe place.

As soon as I placed the leaf near his leg, he touched it and slowly but deliberately stepped on. He stayed very still on the leaf. I talked with him as I carried him to an area where there was a tree, some sun and shade, grasses of all types around the tree, and the woods behind. He could choose where was right for him and find his way. I watched him walk over some grasses with difficulty yet with determination. I said goodbye, wished him peace, and went on my way.

When I came home, I checked the area for him. He was nowhere to be found.

Sometimes in life, we are meant to connect with another for just one moment. Lend a

hand in a time of need. I feel honored to have had this precious moment with this mantis especially at a sacred time in his life. I am grateful that I could get him to safety where

he could make his transition gently, naturally ... as he should.

Into the Light, dear mantis. I bow to the moment we had together. You have enriched me.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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