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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing


Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

One thing that these extremely challenging times have been showing us

is that everything we say and do- all of

our behaviors- not only affects us and

our families, but also our neighbors, our village/town/city...our state, our country, and ultimately our world.

Everything. Every word, every action- even every unspoken thought and feeling- in some way affects the whole. We can see it play out as we witness our own lives as well as watch the happenings of our world- the impact of each one of us on each one of us and on all of us.

This is an out-picturing of a deeper spiritual truth: that of Interconnectedness. It speaks to how we are connected not only on the ordinary levels of life but also on deeper/subtler levels. Everything...every thing... is connected to and is part of everything else.

At the most Essential level, we are all of One Nature. One Energy. One Expression of the Creative Impulse that has brought forth- and continually brings forth- the manifest...

from universes to our unique forms. We are a continuously evolving and creative

process that springs from the One Source.

Imagine if we lived conscious of this in our lives. If we did, through beautifully aligned

words and actions that stem from a deeper sense of care for the whole, we would bring

forth a vibrant lived experience of our interconnectedness and interdependence.

What would our lives be like, what would our world be like? Most likely, we would feel

more balanced, connected, and joyful as we'd be in right relationship/right alignment

with self, others, and the whole. We would become a more attuned participant in the

co-creative process of life, ushering forth greater kindness and care into our world.

This is not a fantasy or magical thinking. It is who we are as the creative possibility

inherent in being human being. By becoming more aware of our interconnectedness

and acting from that, we will co-create a world overflowing in love and compassion.

It is in us... to be this.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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