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Inner Service

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I was reading an article the other day and this quote from Albert Schweitzer was highlighted:

“One thing I know. The only ones among you who will find happiness are those who have sought, and found, how to serve.”

When I read this, I paused...

We usually think of service in terms of

what we can offer or do in the world. Something action or activity based. And yes, there are millions of wonderful and beautiful ways of being of service that we can engage in that are very meaningful and needed.

And... there are also more subtle ways of being of service that we often overlook. We sometimes don't fully appreciate the kind of service that comes from our inner, deeper nature.

I invite you to contemplate a few possibilities:

Being a peaceful center in ourselves- for ourselves and for others. When this is our inner state, our offering/service becomes one of emanating calm and easefulness for everyone with whom we have contact. When the other feels this in us, it helps awaken the calm center that is their true inner state.

Being a gentle landing place for another- person or animal- in need. As we are able to be a gentle and supportive container for another who is struggling with a life challenge, our service becomes one that gives ground for the other to stand upon and open caring arms to feel held and supported.

Being mindful of words & movements. Being in a moment to moment conscious relationship with our thinking/feeling/actions. Mindful awareness softens our steps in the world, causing fewer ripples and creating more communion and coherency.

Allowing the Radiance that is our True Nature to shine in us, through us,

into our relationships, and into the world. This blesses all with the beauty, softness, sweetness of life together on this planet. A world of compassion and care for every being living and for our earth

As we are seated in inner service, imagine what our outer service would be like. The happiness that Schweitzer speaks of could transform into a kind of deeper Joy that

nourishes the soul and surpasses all of our imaginings.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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