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Good, True & Beautiful

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

In pondering what I would write about in this week's newsletter, the words "in the name of..." came clearly into my mind. I wondered what direction these 4 open-ended words would take as I sat down to write.

What I heard right away was "in the name of... the good, the true, and the beautiful." That phrase- "the good, the true and the beautiful"- is frequently pointed to in the study and practice of evolutionary spirituality. As a direction of unfolding into a more awakened way of being in life.

Immediately, of course, animals came to mind. Our beloved animal family members. Doesn't that describe their inner nature perfectly? Their way of being in themselves and in their lives.

Good, true, and beautiful.

We certainly experience this with our animal family members, don't we. In how they always do their best to present what is good- kind, gracious, loving- in themselves. Even the ones who have struggled or suffered in life.

When ones who have experienced the harder side of life come to us- as soon as they feel some safety, love, and a bond beginning to form- they begin to reveal their deeper nature to us. Beauty and goodness, the core qualities of who they are (and who we all are) begin to visibly shine through them.

Not only do the animals actually begin to look more physically beautiful as they become more whole in their mental-emotional-physical beingness. But their deep inner beauty and goodness begins to light up through their eyes, in their bodies, in every aspect of who and how they are in their lives.

The goodness that is at the heart of who they truly are. The beauty that is the revelation of their soul. Their unwavering capacity to express their deepest truth- living in complete honesty as the unique in-the-world beings- and the profound spiritual beings-

that they are.

In large and smaller ways, it is easy to see that animals are all that: good, true, and beautiful. Magnificent examples of how to grow, become, and be in life.

And, in observing them, paying close attention to them, we will not only get to know them intimately. They will also shine a light on us so that we may begin to recognize the same goodness, beauty, and truth in ourselves. And then...we can begin to bring forth an abundance of these core qualities into our lives and into the world...just as our animals do.

Imagine how beautiful that will be!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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