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Connection To Soul

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

It seems that each day, the challenges we face in our world, and sometimes within ourselves, are becoming larger and more overwhelming.

This piece, written by spiritual teacher Adyashanti in 2020, speaks to the experience of disconnnection we may be feeling and what it is to reawaken our deeper connection.

“The Awakened Connection to Soul", by Adyashanti (respectfully edited)

"It’s not at all uncommon that people today feel some sense of disconnection from their soul. I use “soul” in the sense of our experience of meaningful depth, something that’s vital to us, even if we don’t think of it in a religious context. It’s like a source of meaning you can’t put into words, but you can feel it—especially when you lose it. Everybody knows the experience of becoming disconnected from the source of meaning and deep connection within themselves.

We’re living in a culture where people are suffering mightily because of the loss of their soul—not only individually, but also culturally as a whole. This is a part of modern life that we haven’t come to grips with. It’s one of the things that leads us to look for some deeper connection, however we define that for ourselves. It could be meaning, it could be God, it could be awakening, it could be enlightenment, it could be peace, it could be love—all these are words that point to a certain kind of connectedness and sacredness inside.

All of the external means of entertaining ourselves and connecting us don’t really take the place of this inner connectedness. There doesn’t seem to be a technological stand-in for the soul, for that source of vital being and meaning that gives one’s life a sense of significance.

Each of you has your own experience of how sacredness feels to you and when moments of sacredness have visited you. You’ve had those experiences, as hard as they are to explain or convey.

In spiritual awakening, we experience that the source of the sacred is actually essentially ourselves. When we experience the sacred, we’re experiencing something true and profound about ourselves."

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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