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Celebrate Your Sensitivity

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

This guided meditation from Stephen Busby- spiritual teacher and author- invites us to open into our humanness and share our sensitivity and love in the world.

This is from Stephen's book,"Guidance for Life on Earth."

Enjoy dropping into this beautiful space of possibility.

"Sit quietly and with your eyes closed, place gently your hands upon the body, in such

a way that you sense the raising and falling of the breath. Enjoy this for some time.

Feel the surface upon which you are sitting, as tangibly as possible. Notice the surroundings which encompass you, through as many perpetual senses as possible, easefully so.

Invite a sense of the rich human quality of your being...

Invite a sense of your humanhood, your profound humanity. You are born into human form and you deepen through human contact and relationship, regardless of the nature

of your human experience in what is your current lifetime.

You are born into that which you know, as human, and you are born, as human, into that which is not known, into that which is human in potential.

There are aspects of humanity which exist in probable life, unrealized in form within your manifest world. All this, and more, you carry within you.

Pause, and presence the raising and the falling of the breath.

Your sensitivity is exquisite, and you are here to relish and to celebrate yourself in sensitivity, to embody yourself in sensitivity, as your world.

You are here to render your tangible world receptive to, and embodying of, sensitivity.

You are not here to hide or defend your sensitivity, nor to struggle to express yourself.

You are here to bestow your sensitivity upon your world... You are here to bless your world in your sensitivity, in your wholeness.

You are here to love. You are here to invoke worlds into being, through love..."

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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