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Believe In Love

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Some days, perhaps even many, our lives/our world may appear to be devoid of love. And we may be at a loss as to how to be with this. We may need to be reminded of what Love is in its most essential nature to find our center again.

In this piece, spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton points to what Love truly is and what on some deeper level we may already sense, feel, and know.

"Do You Believe in Love?" by Craig Hamilton

“As long as we take the position that we need to feel more love in order to be love, we’re missing the whole point of love.”

"Most of us spiritually oriented people would say that we believe in love. That Love is what we consider to be the most important thing in the world.

As spiritual practitioners, we may have had an experience of a kind of divine love, a spiritual Love, that was not sentimental love but a recognition that Love is woven into the very fabric of reality. A sense that God is Love. That our own true nature is Love. That who we most deeply are is Love.

In that realization, we may have recognized that this Love is not a scarce commodity.

The universe is held up by a source of Infinite Unconditional Love that’s always present

in every moment. There’s never a moment and never a place where Love does not fully penetrate and permeate.

When we discover this source of Infinite Love, it tends to bring us to our knees in awe and in devotion for this Love that is our own deepest nature.

Love is ever-present. There was never a moment in our life and never a moment in all of life where this Love was not present and overflowing.

When we discover the perfection of Love at the heart of all of this, there’s an overwhelming recognition that this Love is Unconditional. Not something to earn, not something to generate, not something to create. It’s what’s always already so. The whole Cosmos is shot through with Love, beginning to end and beyond.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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