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Being An Inclusivity

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Another wonderful talk by spiritual/meditation teacher Jeff Carreira- the theme being inclusivity. Jeff spoke about how, in obvious or subtle ways, we frequently live in "not". Silently or openly, we exclude some part of ourselves, some part of others, some part of life. He supports that we cannot be fully present in this moment when we are excluding.

Whether it is in meditation and we want to exclude the thoughts that are arising because we think they shouldn't be there. Or, secretly or overtly, we disown the parts of ourselves that we do not like. Or, we block others and their beliefs that do not agree with ours. Excluding is a very common "small self/ego" tactic that creates separation- within ourselves, from others, and from life.

When we live in "not", even in subtle ways, we are limiting some aspect of our energy and

the energy of life as it moves through us. If we continually limit our energy, over time, we may find ourselves living in chronic mental, physical, or emotional tension or even in illness.

How do we keep our energy open and flowing? Be an inclusivity?

By paying attention. Noticing our obvious or subtle tightening or moving away from something. Noticing the thoughts and feelings that want to constrict. In noticing, we are relaxing that posture and opening more space for energy to flow.

By accepting what is. Letting what is exist without resistance to it. Which doesn't mean

that we like or approve or agree with it. Or that we don't take right action if needed to

create change. It is a simple neutral acknowledgement that something exists, that it is.

In sensing into our own energy flow, into the freedom we can feel when we are in open acceptance, the "not" can begin to loosen and fade into the background and even disappear. Our inclusivity will illuminate the natural joy that we are and that will radiate everywhere.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna

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