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Bee Aware

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

As I walked out onto my patio the other day, a bumble bee came right up to my face to say hello and kissed me on the cheek. That sparked a memory of an interspecies communication that took place quite a few years ago.

I was working at a riding stable in Queens, NY. At lunch break, everyone gathered on the benches in front of the stable in the shade of a big tree. The woman sitting next to me was eating a sandwich and was frantically shoeing a bumble bee away from her face. The bee seemed adamant about getting as close to her mouth as possible. As the woman became more agitated, the bumble bee became more determined.

I invited the woman to stop for a minute so that I could see if a communication could open with this bee. The bee very eagerly presented that s/he wanted the turkey that the woman had in her sandwich.

This seemed quite odd. Bumble bees are vegetarian. How curious that this bee so desperately wanted meat.

I asked the bee if s/he would agree to leave the woman to eat her lunch if the woman would donate a piece of meat to him/her. The bee agreed. And although the woman thought this was all pretty crazy, she agreed. She put the paper wrapper from her sandwich on the bench and placed a small piece of turkey on it as an offering.

The bee beelined (pun fully intended!) for the offering. We watched in fascination as little

bee arms and legs stretched around the piece of meat and held onto it tightly. The bee flew

up to the lowest branch of the tree and voraciously ate until it was all gone. Then the bee

flew away, not to be seen again.

The interaction with this bumble bee points to something important. Who are we really communicating with when we communicate with dog or cat…. lion or elephant… ant

or bee? What greater intelligence, soul, Spirit, is present in those that we humans often

see as smaller than they are given our limited understanding of the True Nature of other

non-human species?

Perhaps if we assume that greater intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, and capacity inhabit

all beings, we will begin to experience animals/insects/all living beings in completely new ways. They are longing to reveal themselves- and will reveal themselves- in all of their amazingness as soon as we look to them for their greatness.

It’s clear that they are waiting for us to open the window between our souls. It's ours to open.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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