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Authentic Human Beings

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

During a recent spiritual practice group, our leader for the evening brought forth this beautiful invitation for living a life of honoring in community offered by the peoples of Africa.

May it inspire us, in all of our communities.

The Ubuntu principles are a set of ethical guidelines that emphasize community, compassion, and mutual respect. These principles originated in Africa and were popularized by South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Overall, the Ubuntu principles promote a spirit of cooperation, empathy, and mutual support, which can help create a more harmonious and interconnected society.

Ubuntu refers to a collection of values and practices that black people of Africa or of African origin view as making people authentic human beings. While the nuances of these values

and practices vary across different ethnic groups, they all point to one thing: an authentic individual human being is part of a larger and more significant relational, communal, societal, environmental and spiritual world.

The individual is part of a larger group, the family. In turn, the family is part of a larger

community. The community exists in an environment which in turn is part of a larger spiritual world.

The Ubuntu principles include:

1. Respect: Ubuntu emphasizes the value of every individual and the importance of treating others with respect.

2. Compassion: Ubuntu recognizes the interconnectedness of all people and emphasizes the need for compassion and empathy towards others.

3. Community: Ubuntu emphasizes the importance of community and the idea that

individuals are defined by their relationships with others.

4. Sharing: Ubuntu encourages the sharing of resources and the idea that everyone has

something to contribute.

5. Collaboration: Ubuntu emphasizes the importance of working together and the value of teamwork.

6. Generosity: Ubuntu encourages individuals to be generous and to give freely of


7. Forgiveness: Ubuntu recognizes that everyone makes mistakes and encourages

forgiveness and reconciliation.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna

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