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Always Something Shifts

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

In the many years of being in healing practice, frequently I receive urgent session requests from people in desperate situations with their animals. Either their animal family member has just received an extremely serious diagnosis, has had an accident, or surgery, or is close to death. Often when people reach out for help at these times, it is because traditional medical care- and even alternative approaches- are not able to provide enough support for their animal beloved.

A heart-breaking and heart-wrenching time. And, even if spiritual healing is not something that the person has knowledge of, s/he reaches out for healing. Of course, in the hope that healing can save their animal beloved's life. Or, at least, extend their time with them.

Given where spiritual healing emerges from- from the Great Mystery, Consciousness, the Divine, Source- out of which all manifestation arises- that may be possible. The nature of spiritual healing is possibility, all possibility, including what we call "miracles." Miracles-meaning that something beyond our realm of awareness, understanding, or knowing occurs.

Spiritual healing includes the entire spectrum of possibility. Perhaps it means that the animal moves through the disease and continues in life in great health. Perhaps it means that s/he lives happy and balanced with a disease process for some time. Perhaps it means the s/he comes into acceptance of and peace with the transition process and is supported through it.

What seems to be true always is that some kind of shift, some kind of change occurs through spiritual healing. Sometimes it is distinctly physical in nature. Sometimes it is of the mental/emotional. Always something shifts at the soul level of the animal.

And, not only does a shift occur in the animal but also something often changes with her/his human family members and animal family members as well. It may be opening into a different level of being together/loving each other at a difficult time. Or discovering a way of walking through an extreme situation with more grace and ease. Or, coming into peace and acceptance with what is occurring.

Spiritual healing always seems to open deeper connection- seat us in Source, reveal the Essential Nature that we all are and share, expand the Great Love that we all have and are. No matter how intense the challenge is, no matter where the journey leads. For the animal and for the person.

It is in spiritual healing that we can be with each other in the deepest part of who we are. So that whether our animal family member continues in life in radiant health or makes the transition into Spirit, we won't miss a moment of this Greatest Intimacy, Greatest Love, Greatest Connection. That we, as Spirit incarnate, as souls sharing in this journey on earth together, fully recognize each other and meet each other in our Essential, tomorrow...and beyond.

This is where spiritual healing can take us.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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