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Wing To Wing

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Continuing the theme of weaving from two weeks ago. This poem,"When Things Fall Apart", is by Carrie Newcomer. It beautifully speaks to the time we are living in.

"I stepped out of my car

With arms full of groceries,

Carrots and potatoes,

Broccoli and onions.

A sack of ordinary things.

Just then, high overhead,

Came wave upon wave

Of migrating sandhill crane.

They were elegant and determined,

Calling to one another,

Across the clear December sky.


While I was watching,

A great number released themselves from formation.

They opened and gathered,

Hovered and honked,

Blossoming like spilled ink in blude water,

Skating randomly around like Jesus bugs on a pond.

And then, without any apparent reason

That could be seen from the ground,

They remembered and returned,

Realigned and regained direction.

Catching and attending

To the calling

Of a common commitment

To the pusle of a shared heartbeat

Recreating their connections

Washing forward wing to wing to wing.

Sometimes things come together.

And we don't know why.

Maybe the wind shifted

Or the light changed.

Maybe it was a bit of courage

Or a moment of clarity.

Maybe the eternal called

Or an internal clock chimed.

All I know is that somewhere,

Something keeps weaving.

Creating whole cloth

From what seems hopelessly unraveled.

Something keeps nudging our hearts

In the right direction,

Pulling the threads

Of membership

Of kinship

Of connection

Mending the gaps

Wing to wing to wing


In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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