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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Why Does Augie?

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I read this small offering in The Dodo newsletter.

From Augustus' person.

Augustus, Enlish Labrador retriever, 1 year old.

“Augie is sensitive and understanding, just like a therapist. Whenever he sees a shy dog at daycare or in the dog park, he brings a toy over to the dog and sits with the dog until he or she calms down and stops quivering. His sweetness makes them feel confident.”

Isn't this remarkable?! For such a young canine to be so senitive to another's feelings and show the kind of compassion- and take compassionate action- that many think is reserved only for human beings.

Why does Augie choose to do this? How does he know what to do to help? No one taught

him this. It comes from within him. We could say that he was born this way and he is

simply expressing his innate gift.

Augie observes what was going on with other dogs and makes a very conscious and thoughtful decision- a decision based on empathy and understanding of the other

and what will soothe them. It is clear that he knows exactly what he is doing and

the intended outcome.

Those of us who are animal people know of the enormous kindness, care, and compassion that is innate in animals and their capacity to express this toward other animals and humans. For some animals, these qualities are front and center in their lives and they express them directly no matter what their life circumstances are. For others, these qualities can slip into the background if life is too challenging or harsh.

What Augie is demonstrating is that the qualities of kindness, thoughtfulness, and compassion are part of "soul nature"- what living beings come into this world possessing.

We could say that Augie is an "older soul", one who has an awareness and understanding

of his own gifts and his purpose in life- as a healer for other canines (and I would imagine

for people too). Intuitively, empathetically, he knows what others are feeling and feels

called to help them feel safe and secure.

Augie is extraordinary, isn't he. And... this isn't exclusive to Augie. If we look closely at animals- our own animal family members and the ones who live in nature- and observe

how they are with us and with each other, we may see the same remarkable qualities

Augie exhibits. Kindness, care, empathy, compassion. It is all around us in the animal

world waiting for us to notice.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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