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When Our Destinies Change

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

It seems that the story of my beloved Peter has more that wants to be expressed. Today, pointing to a very pivital moment in life: when animals change our destiny-and we change theirs.

Last time, I shared the very poignant moment Peter chose to surrender into our relationship and transform himself- and us (

Backing up in time. As I'd mentioned: when Peter arrived at the riding school, I was moved by his sweet kind eyes and nature. And I could see that he was in pain that wasn't being addressed even when I spoke to the barn manager about it. A horse in a riding school must be "useful" or their fate is usually that they are given to the horse dealer to "sell"- most often- for slaughter, especially if the horse has any physical challenges.

So I made sure to ask for Peter for my lessons. Although I was not a great rider, I knew that I could be soft on his back and soft with the reins and not add to his pain. Most lessons he and I were partnered together.

One fateful lesson day. At the mounting block. I put my foot in the stirrup and gently raised myself onto Peter's back. The first step away from the mounting block, Peter began bucking wildly and continued bucking as high as he could. I stayed on for a little and then went airborne. Everything went into slow motion. I felt suspended in the air, in an altered state.

I watched Peter bucking away from me. His body lit up everywhere he had pain. I was stunned to see exactly how much pain he had kept hidden.

When I hit the ground, I did so with a thud. Still, I kept watching Peter, my heart aching

for him. And then reality hit- I was hurt. I went to the emergency room and then home

to recover.

During that time, I kept in touch with my trainer Jennifer constantly asking about Peter.

The management had put him on "stall rest" which means he was kept in his stall 24/7.

He did not receive any medical attention. I also learned that he had thrown three other

riders before me. I was deeply worried about what would happen to him.

Then one day Jennifer told me that the management was going to "sell" Peter. She knew how much I adored him and asked me what I wanted to do. Here I was: living in an apartment in New York City, no car. Without thinking, I said "Let's get Peter out of there." I would find resources to help him heal. Jennifer agreed to retrain him when he was ready to be a riding partner again. Then, I thought, I would find him his right person.

Little did I consciously know- as we sometimes don't- that in this one moment, and with this one statement, our destinies, Peter's and mine, had become forever intertwined.

To be continued...

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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