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When One Leaves

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Over the past two weeks, three extraordinary Spirit to Spirit animals have passed.

Last week, (feline) Chuckie, at age 17 plus, made his transition. You may have read about him on my website in "Sharings" (if not, please do!) and his triumphant journey living with an extremely serious medical issue. He rose up time after time to find new inner strength and balance in navigating sometimes quite challenging territory.

This week, Jazmin, a beautiful and very lovely 17+ year old pup, left us. She did her very best with the complexities of being an older pup and was a beautiful and shining presence in Circles, always guiding her healings in resonance with her own exquisite sensitivity.

And, Horatio (photo above). Mr. Remarkable. At 20 and a half years old. For the past three years, he received healings in Circle (always next to his BFF in energy Gijo) and individually- multiple healings every week. For very advanced heart disease and other health issues. How bravely he faced into the super senior part of his life and balanced wonderfully for such a long time.

Personally, of course, I will miss Chuckie, Jaz and Horatio deeply. I have loved being with each of them in their healings. To experience them in the depth of who they truly are is an honor and privilege I cherish. They have brought profound presence into the healing space, each with his/her own unique shining qualities.

Our hearts go out to all the family members of these beautiful beings.

Most of us know what it is to experience this kind of heart/soul-wrenching loss. The purity of Unconditional Love that we feel with our animal family members opens us to a degree of intimacy and connection that is extremely precious and often rare in our lives.

A question arises. Is it possible to have a connection with our animal beloved's energy after transition, one that is not fantasy? Is it possible to actually experience who they are "in Spirit" in some way?

Believe it or not, it is. And, the connection can begin to open as simply as this.

Sitting in stillness, in relaxation, in meditation, and opening to the True Nature...

of ourselves, our beloved, all life. We may come to recognize-feel-experience that this eternal connection can be summoned, in a sense, can become present to and in us.

One way is through the frequency of the name- which is a pathway into the energetic signature of this being in this lifetime. From the depth of the Universal Nature that we are, calling his/her name- feeling the energetic frequency, the Eternal Essence of your beloved- his/her energy in Spirit/as Spirit can become more present in your awareness.

Whether you experience this connection in a visceral way or not, it is there. The more you trust in this, the more you sink into the depth of Being, the more That Which Is Eternal as your beloved may reveal itself.

In your heart, in your soul, in your True Nature. Your beloved is.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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