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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

We Live In Each Other

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

One of the most precious gifts I receive

in being with animals in deeper communication and healing is the profound awareness and experience

of who we truly are to each other.

The kind of connection that opens between us is one in which we are able

to experience each other not only as embodied beings with mind, emotions, personality,

and physicality- but also as a soul presence on a journey in life, as Spirit incarnated

in and as a unique expression.

What opens with the animals with whom I am in frequent healings is an ongoing deeper relationship. Their presence is always with me (and mine with them) as a shared healing connection. So much so that as I am doing other things in my life, at times I become vividly aware of feeling Gijo with me- or Jimmy, or Leela, or Shanti, Merry, or Mr. Deeds.

And as soon as I sit for healing with an animal, they make their presence known and an awareness of what is needed in the healing appears. There is a direct sensory experience

of "this animal in me/I am in this animal", that as healing begins, we are together, intimately, as One.

Whether we are conscious of this or not, life/all living beings are intertwined in this way. In loving others/life deeply, we may begin to sense the depth of our interconnectedness and how we do "live" inside each other, inside life. Our deepest common ground, the One Essence that inhabits us all.

For this, I am truly grateful to each animal being who comes to me to receive healing and reveals to me the eternal Oneness of our nature.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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