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We Are A Sacred Site

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Recently I was watching a video presentation with Louise Marra. Louise is a New Zealand native, trained in Jungian and Transpersonal psychology and in environmental management. She is deeply connected to the living planet and all of its beings and is part of the Ngai Tuhoe tribe in New Zealand.

Her passion is reconnecting people as nature.

Louise walked us through an inner journey of identifying and speaking our names according to the traditions of her tribe. In her culture, a person identifies themselves through speaking their full name, a name that includes their earth and ancestral connections.

Louise invited us into discovering our embodied earth name by having us ask these questions: "what is my mountain?" A mountain near us that speaks to us or one that we are drawn to. That is the first part of our sacred earth name. The next question: "what is my river?" And..."what is my ocean?" Then we traveled into the names of our ancestors, feeling the link that lives in our DNA energy.

In embracing our Essential nature that contains the aliveness of our "mountain", "river", "ocean", and "ancestors", and calling ourselves by our whole name, we can feel our interconnectedness with all of nature, all of life, all of earth.

As we embody the sacredness that is us in the largest sense, we may feel in the depth of our being that we are this planet. And, not only can we observe mountain and river and ocean as sacred earth sites... we can acknowledge that we too are that... a sacred site.

Here is the invitation. To discover the depth and breadth of who you are through your sacred earth name. Discover who you are as the energy of land and sea and lineage. Feel who you truly are when you open to and experience the sacred interconnectedness that is you.

Announcing: "I am this mountain. I am this river. I am this ocean. I am these ancestors. I am the energy of life. I feel the sacredness of everything in me. I am a sacred site."

And... so it is.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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