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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

With Fresh Eyes

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

As we mark this moment of the new year that is approaching, it does give us pause, doesn't it. Recognizing in it the opportunity- which is truly ours in every moment of life- to release what no longer serves us and step forward into life with fresh eyes and an open heart.

It's as if we give ourselves permission here at the natural marking of the new year to press the refresh button and see ourselves and each other through eyes no longer shrouded by the past.

And can we, will we do the same with animals? Our animal family members as well as all animals who share our earth. Can we see them without a lens of distortion- which could be as seemingly innocent as our thinking something like: "this breed is always like this..." or "that animal always does that." Often, there is a limiting edge to our thinking and perceiving.

Instead, can we see each one, each animal, fresh and new, without history or our preconceived ideas about who s/he is clouding our perception. Will we actually allow each one to be that unique individual to us and, most likely, surprise us in extraordinary ways. Can we allow ourselves and the animals to be so new that we meet each other completely differently and our lives together are transformed.

The opportunity is right here every day, in every new moment. To show up fresh and new and see through those eyes as we meet each and every animal and person. The possibility is always......right here, right now.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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