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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Unadorned Presence

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I was taking a walk the other day, noticing the silhouettes of the trees without their leaves. This t

tree's tall, strong, vibrant presence made me stop.

Even though this time of year calls for tree energy to move down into the roots in preparation for winter, this tree radiated big energy through bare branches.

Brilliant unadorned presence.

It struck me. In a sense, we are like this tree these days. Many of our outer adornments- our many beautiful ways of being in life- seem to have fallen away leaving us standing in (seeming) bareness. We have been brought down into our Essentialness, it seems, into the Core of our being.

How have we done during these many strenuous months? Have we maintained our center, as best as possible? Supported those who could not find theirs? Have we been a presence for others who needed someone to lean on?

Even though often stretched beyond what we may have thought was our capacity- and challenged again and again- still, today, we are standing- like tree. Energy shining through us as we sink into our roots, strengthening our ground in this ever-changing landscape.

If we haven't already, it's a good time to acknowledge ourselves for who we are and all we have given since the beginning of this crisis. Deeply acknowledge where we sustained a sense of balance and well being in ourselves and for family, friends, and others. And even when we struggled- how we met challenges and regained our balance with compassion, understanding... and perhaps even a little humor.

And, going forward, when we need a boost in inner strength and stability, perhaps we can access that in connecting with tree energy. In feeling the groundedness of root and trunk energy. Tapping into the way in which the branches stretch out, receive, and radiate Light even as they appear in silhouette. Leaning into tree's capacity to sway and bend when wind is fierce...and return to being upright.

Perfect guidance for us today.

Perhaps tree can become our inspiration as we continue in these changeable times. Just look around. They are everywhere, their unadorned yet radiant presence shining upon us.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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