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Trust In Greater Wisdom

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

It was 10 p.m., just after a torrential rain storm whipped through the area. I heard the peep of a baby bird outside my living room window. I was surprised to hear his call, especially at night. And, he called and called, every 15 seconds- literally. I stayed up for hours listening to his tiny little peep, feeling myself becoming concerned about him. Is he okay? Where is his mama? Was he abandoned? The longer I heard him, the more concerned I felt.

The next morning, there he was. Calling every 15 seconds. And throughout the day, every 15 seconds. And into the evening. Every 15 seconds.

I have never heard of a species of bird whose baby calls every 15 seconds, night and day. I went outside to see if he would lead me to where he was- he became silent. I peered into the bushes to see if I could spot his nest. I couldn't see one.

I googled to try to learn more about who he might be. Found nothing. I called a bird sanctuary to get advice- and reached no one. I had friends come over and we quietly and delicately searched the thick, prickly, small evergreens for signs of the little one. No nest, no baby bird.

And as the days went on, and I continued to hear this tiny beloved- every 15 seconds- morning and night- something shifted in me. Concern began to fall away as I started to feel a surrender, a letting go into trusting in Nature.

Joy and amazement emerged. Joy that the little being was still alive and announcing his presence to the world. Amazement at the impeccable wisdom that is Nature.

Joy in being in connection with this tiny one. Amazement that this little bird who went through many very severe storms continued to live.

Joy in the powerful force that is life and wants life. Amazement at this little one's mom, who apparently was taking great care of her baby all along- quite silently. Who, in that quick 14 second window, gave him all of what he needed to thrive.

In joy- amazed, humbled- and in deep reverence for Nature, for Life Itself.

Every day I came excitedly to the window, to wish this little bird good morning and good evening, thrilled to hear his sweet little call. And, over the next days, I heard baby bird's voice become stronger, fuller, richer, and felt him transform into a fledgling who has a signature call and the song of his species in his voice.

On day 10, he was gone. Off to be the bird Nature intended him to be. My heart felt light and free, knowing he was most perfect expression of himself emerging into life in all his glory and showering it- and us- with his shining presence and his uniquely beautiful song.

Trusting in the Great Wisdom that is Nature.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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