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Right Balance

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

The conversation is beginning to change. A movement in energy...forward.

All across the country, conversation is including a vision of possible steps toward "re-opening", reactivating all that comprises our outer lives.

Some feel that we are at right timing for this movement. Some feel that we are not. Given the uncertainty of the trajectory of this pandemic and the need to keep everyone safe. And, at the same time, feeling the need for life activity to restart- for businesses to re-open and people to be able to make their income. The question may be more about "balance in" rather than "opening/not opening".

How do we begin to step forward into a continual unknown holding the greatest care and concern for all. Keeping the well being of those who are uniquely vulnerable closely with us. As well as being present to the need of people to work and for businesses to sustain themselves and keep services available for all of us. How do we take great care of the whole while holding exquisite care for the one?

What we are leaning into might be called "right balance." Always, it needs to start within us- all aspects of who we are informing our decisions. Our groundedness within ourselves and in life. Our intelligence, attentiveness, and discernment. Our emotional/feeling sense and body sense. Our intuitive sense. The entirety of who we are opening to sense into what is right in the moment.

It is on us to expand our care and concern to include our neighbors, community, city, town, state. Our world. To include everyone and everything that may be impacted by our choices. What is best for personal good and for the greater good. And to be willing to change course in an instant if it appears that there may be error in our discernment.

To be attuned within ourselves, to others, and to life: an act of great loving care.

This may be how we can venture into this next unknown with the greatest possible awareness. In the deepest balance we can be, exquisitely paying attention, as we contemplate, as we choose. For ourselves, family, for everyone, everywhere. Gently stepping into the new unfolding life.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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