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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Teaching Us To Pay Attention

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

One thing our animal family members teach to pay attention.

First on the most ordinary levels of our lives together. They draw us into their needs, their wants, how they see life and others, and ask- well, sometimes demand- that we address life from their point of view. How dinner should be, when it should be, how couch time should be, or play time or bed time. They teach us and train us and make sure we do not deviate from the preferred plan. And, most of the time, we joyfully allow ourselves to be taught and trained by our animals, smiling at each one's unique version of life.

And then, if we pay closer attention, our animals take us deeper. They begin to invite us into experiencing who they are in their inner world- in the world of deeper senses: deeper feeling, deeper seeing, deeper knowing. If we allow ourselves to pay exquisite attention through our inner sensorium, our animals invite us into the sacred space of their souls. Into being with them one soul with another, one living expression of the Divine with another.

They invite us to begin to let go of our lens of specisim, difference-ism, other-ism, and join them in a broader experience of who we all are.

If we can let go of our seeming sense of separateness, if we can allow ourselves to follow our animals where they are guiding us, we may begin to witness them, experience them and all life as the greatest expression of Love, of Spirit, of God, that we can possibly know.

It is an amazing spiritual journey that our animal family members invite us into, simply by asking us to paying attention, exquisite attention, to what is deeper in all of us.

Many have said that animals are our teachers. If we meet them with unwavering attention and a heart ready to surrender, we will find out.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna

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