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Stepping Into

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Our lives, our world, have been in deep flux for a very long time now.

Becoming awake to the new energies

of our 2023 world will support us in stepping into all the possibilities

before us in this new year.

This wisdom is from astrologer/spiritual guide Aluna Joy.

Stepping into 2023 with our Fearless Light (edited)

"In the traditional Mayan calendar, this year starts off with a great force and power that is also considered the first gear of a much grander creation.

In the Yucatan Mayan Astrology Calendar, this year will have an underlying feeling of not belonging in either world, the past or the present. It can be a very otherworldly and mystical energy, but also can bring a profound centering.

And this is no surprise because we are letting go of the old world and creating a new one.

There is a converging point between the past and the future. It's all about merging which is the complete opposite of the last ten years where there was a lot of separation and division. This brings higher vision but is also balanced with great reasoning. Both vision and enlightened reasoning will be needed to create this new world we're stepping into. It brings a much needed profound community consciousness.

As 2023 begins, we also acknowledge the need for self care and deep rest and healing

for our bodies and souls. We have gone through a very challenging gauntlet of tests.

We have suffered so many losses and betrayals and life changes and have been living in a constant state of letting go. We have also had our eyes opened to the great necessity to take deep accountability for all our actions to be able to move forward.

The word for 2022 was "relentless".

The word for 2023 is "RADICAL".

It will be a time for radical trust. Because we no longer fit in our old lives anymore and

not in the same way. Nobody is out in front of us creating a path for us to follow. This is

the path we must carve for ourselves and for humanity. We are the explorers of a new

cycle and a new time.

We are entering a new frontier. We are in lands unknown. And this is the land we are to anchor together, collectively. It's going to take radical trust, radical creativity, radical knowingness, radical vulnerability, radical honesty and radical self responsibility.”

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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