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Soul Agreements

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

One thing that most of us who share our lives with animal family members are aware of is that besides being their human mom or dad- taking care of them and loving them- we do our best to help them reach their full potential in life. We strive to help them become all of who they truly are, living as they are truly meant to live: happy, free, and at peace.

When we think of our relationship with our animal family members, we most likely think about the love we share in our lives. We think about how we take care of our precious ones, making sure that they are well, safe, warm on cool days and cool on hot one. That their lives are easy and perfectly suited to them.

If we dive a little deeper, we may begin to wonder about the more essential connection

we have with our animal family members. What we might call a soul connection. We

might become curious: "is there a deeper meaning to our lives together?"

In opening to this question, we may be looking at what our "soul agreement" is.

A soul agreement or soul contract is an "understanding" that arises between souls,

in Consciousness, before they incarnate into physical form.

Whether this spiritual perspective resonates with you or not, you may already have a

sense of this in your relationship with your animals in very ordinary ways.

If you ever saw a photo online of an animal and instantly felt a connection with them-

like you knew them or that they were your family member- this is an expression of a

soul connection or soul agreement.

If you ever had a feeling that you and your animal family member were meant to be

together- this speaks to their being a soul agreement between you.

If you have ever felt as if your animal is here to help you or your human or animal

family members heal, or that you are here to help your animal beloved heal- this

points to a soul agreement.

And when we ask this question- "what is the soul agreement between you and me,

dearest beloved?"- when we ask this of our deeper nature, of our animal's deeper

nature- we may begin to open greater insight into the profound depth of relationship

that is present right here right now with our animal family member.

It is something enlightening to ponder. And in asking the question, you are inviting

your animal, who on the soul level knows what your agreement is, to come forward

and reveal the true nature of your soul connection/agreement in more direct and

apparent ways.

With our animal family members: our relationship is truly heart to heart, soul to soul,

and Spirit to Spirit.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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