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Send Love. It Matters.

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

As the weight of life, the weight of the world, sits in our hearts, a beautiful reminder from Carrie Newcomer,

from "Until Now: New Poems"

"Somewhere someone needs help.

Send love.

It matters.

If you can't get there yourself,

Then take a deep breath.

Breathe in the weight of their troubles,

Breathe out and send all those burderns

Into the Light

Where sorrows can be held

With most tender and Infinite Grace.

Breathe in what you can do.

Breathe out what you can't change.

Spool out a thread of connection,

Send courage and calm.

For the nights can be long

And filled with shadows,

And sometimes terrible

Unexpected waters will rise.

Somewhere someone needs help.

Send love.

It matters."

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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