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Recognizing Our Relatedness

Dear Spirit to Spirit Friend,

"Recognizing that we are all profoundly related, the greatest blessing we can give others, both animal and human, is to see their beauty, innocence, and uprightness, and address that in them."

This beautiful quote is from "The World Peace Diet" daily VegInspiration. I notice that as I read it, my hear opens in soft ways and my soul begins to sing. How this deep honoring of animal beings touches my being to the Core.

What if we really could look at our animal (and human) brothers and sisters, our fellow travelers on this journey we call life, and the the other in his/her perfection. In her/his beauty and uniqueness, in his/her purity of being- and meet them there. What kind of human beings would we be? Who would animals show us they are? What kind of world would we live in?

One of my spiritual practices each day is when I walk to and from my car. I walk slowly, with my eyes intently focused on the ground in front of me. I want to make sure that I insure the precious life of every tiny creature on the path. Ant, worm, insect. I relish seeing each one going about his/her day, filled with energy.

I bow to the little one, acknowledging that this life holds value- for him/her- because it is her/his life- and for me in that s/he is going about life in with purpose as part of the chain of the interconnectedness of all life. It gives me great joy to feel the connection with each tiny one as our paths cross for this one fleeting moment in our lives, knowing that my attention allows another to continue beautifully in life.

The invitation here- is to recognize and feel the connectedness that we share as living beings on this our shared planet..and to walk in each moment of life acknowledging and honoring that.

As the quote above so gently encourages us- "to see their beauty, innocence, and uprightness, and address them as that."

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna



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