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Love Does Prevail

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Lately, I have been fortunate to find my way to many beautiful and insightful poems and writings penned by gifted spiritual teachers, poets, songwriters, and ordinary people. It brings me joy to share their perspective and wisdom with you in these newsletters.

Today, a wonderful poem by Carrie Newcomer entitled "Even Then."

Twilight on the ridgetop,

I came upon two lanky coyotes

And one large coydog.

They all wore thick grey wolf-like coats

And a hungry look.

Lily, my 48 pound herding dog mix,

Sped into the woods barking.

Doing what her deep down DNA demanded-

Keep the herd safe.

Whatever it takes.

The three wild canines ran off a little way,

But quickly returned when they realized

The relative size of my small guardian angel.

I saw them begin to circle her as a team.

I heard her yelp high and distressed.

I ran crashing through brush,

Brambles catching my pant legs and jacket edges,

Whistling long shrill notes between my fingers,

A trick I'd learned when I was eight years old.

(Who knows when we might need a gift from our former self?)

The coyotes looked up,


The largest one met my eyes, assessing me.

Predators don't expect their prey to have friends in the world

Who are willing to run headlong into danger,

Sound an alarm,

And shout with righteous anger.

The pack of three looked at one another,

Shrugged and then half loped, half glided

Off into the darkening woods.

Lily was unhurt but concerned and trembling.

I held her collar securely,

Knowing she was absolutely ready to go after the pack,

If I should only ask.

I ruffled her ears,

Me the small and she the somewhat smaller,

And wondered at the enormous size and courage

Of a small dog's heart

And was grateful to know

That she had me covered.

And that I had her back.

And love does prevail,

Even in the twlight,

Even when coyotes circle.

Yes, even then.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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