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Listening to What is Deeper

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

We have been taught to believe that nature goes dormant in winter. On the outer level, that does appear to be true. And yet, deep in the energy of the roots and beyond there is a lively "conversation/ communication/interaction" going on, an energy building toward the next emergence- the outer manifestation of seeds, leaves, nuts, flowers. It's a conversation we've never been taught to listen for, feel into, sense.

The same is true with our animal family members- and all animals. We have been taught to look for an outer demonstration of what animals are thinking, feeling, and knowing. And, we've been told (although we're seeing this begin to change) that there is "nothing" going on in them that is deeper or that expresses in subtle ways.

And yet, for those of us who live with animals and find them constantly inviting us to understand them more fully and teaching us how to be with them, we may notice that we are being asked to listen to them in these more subtle ways. Our animals may be saying to us: "we are much more than we appear to be."

If we truly want to know who our animal family member is... in his/her depth, subtleties and complexities, we will need to meet her/him on another level.

When we let go of looking at the outside to give us the whole picture of a being. When we let go of our assumptions and expectations about who our animal is. When we relax into deep quiet space with our animal family member...we will find that there is a universe of life in that individual, a breadth and expanse of wisdom and understanding far beyond what we may think of as "cat" or dog" or other animal. That there is a lineage not only of his/her species but also a lineage of soul and energy that is being expressed in this gorgeously unique living being.

One way we can open into deeper listening/communication with our animal family members by asking, in quiet and from the depth of our being...."who are you?"...and being open and curious as to what our beloved may reveal to us.

And, not only will this invitation encourage your beloved to reveal her/himself to you in unexpected ways, it will open you and your beloved into the Great Interconnectedness that is all Life, that is all Beingness. An opening that may change your understanding and appreciation of each other and of Life profoundly.

In Gratitude and Love, Joanna


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