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It's A Surprising Thing

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

It is quite a surprising thing. That some animals who have very serious physical illnesses/issues- when receiving spiritual healing (sometimes along with medical care, sometimes not)- can feel and be perfectly fine. They may have tests results that show an extremely serious condition in the body and still be happy, vibrant, and full of energy.

I see this frequently in my practice. How is this possible?

If we look deeply into the nature of spiritual healing, we come to understand that healing is not what it appears to be. Yes, there are techniques that help elicit opening, encourage flow, support clearing and balancing of body energy, and help create shifts in an animal's energy and physical well being in profound ways.

And techniques are a doorway to access the dimension of energy from which healing originates. A dimension far deeper than the techniques themselves. Spiritual healing arises from Source, from the Unlimited Nature of Being, out of which all life arises. From That Which manifests as everything- animal, person, plant, or planet.

This Eternal Nature is the Essential Nature of every atom, every cell, every particle- of air and land, every being and thing. And in healing, the Creative Impulse emanating from Source entices every cell, every atom to remember and re-member fully what it is: the

One Essence radiating, perfectly illuminated. Shining in, through, and as the living being.

As Source expresses its embodied nature in an animal, s/he can live beautifully, as themselves, sometimes for long periods of time, even if medical tests continue to say that

is not possible.

This "surprising thing" is a kind of miracle that defies our ordinary understanding yet speaks fully to the Essential Nature of who we all are and what life/healing truly is.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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